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Green Lanterns #48 cover by Paul Pelletier, Danny Miki, and Adriano Lucas
It does wonders for the tension and flow of the story. Green Lanterns #48 art by Ronan Cliquet and Hi-Fi Ronan Cliquet returns to contribute the art in Green Lanterns #48, and he's not lost his touch in his absence He has a detailed, action-oriented, and appealing style that fits the tone and content of this comic[...]
Green Lanterns #45 cover by Nelson Blake II and Hi-Fi
Admittedly, the hunting trip is shown as being almost impossibly pure and innocent, though you could argue this is Jesse or Jain putting rose-tinted glasses on the whole thing to make the tragedy more poignant. Green Lanterns #45 art by Ronan Cliquet and Hi-Fi Ronan Cliquet contributes the art to this issue, and it looks especially beautiful[...]
Green Lanterns #39 cover by Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, and Jason Wright
Simon Baz displays a new ability with a lot of implications in bringing down Liseth, and it feels a little contrived and isn't all that satisfying. Jessica Cruz does get plenty of opportunities to be badass here though, and it's awesome. (Spoilers) What is more satisfying is the fact that the Ungarans actually begin to help the[...]
Green Lanterns #36 cover by Mike McKone and Dinei Ribeiro
That's not really that satisfying a resolution for this story. Green Lanterns #36 art by Ronan Cliquet and Hi-Fi Ronan Cliquet's artwork is quite good as per usual Bolphunga has a great visual design, Singularity Jain has some interesting changes throughout the comic, and our two Green Lanterns look as great as ever Hi-Fi's colorwork is as[...]
Green Lanterns #34 Review: Sincerity And Strength
The qualities necessary to the positions the two are attempting to get are shown in their actions with the Undarans and Molites. Green Lanterns #34 art by Ronan Cliquet and Hi-Fi Ronan Cliquet's artwork looks great, and he gets really creative with the GL constructs, from Buddhas with butterfly nets to massive space toy car tracks, Cliquet[...]
Green Lanterns #31 Review: The Tragedy Of Volthoom
I just freaking love Hal Jordan. Green Lanterns #31 art by Ronan Cliquet I hope Rami and Tyran'r are brought back later They're both interesting characters in their own right, and the latter becomes really likable over the course of this issue. Also, any continuity confusions over the Manhunters and the Green Lanterns and which came first are[...]
Green Lanterns #27 Review: So What Happened To Simon And Jessica?
Bravo. Ronan Cliquet's artwork is very good There is an old-comics sensibility to it, and this adds quite a bit to the proceedings The design of the aforementioned AI being known as Brill/the Insulatusnaut is very classic sci-fi It is very charming and appealing Add to this the fantastic color work Hi-Fi, who is great at[...]
Green Lanterns #26 Review: More History Of Rami And Volthoom
Rami does care about Volthoom, but the Lantern implanted in Volthoom, as well as the First Ring, are clearly making him more unstable, and his passion to save his homeworld is being warped. Artist Ronan Cliquet makes a welcome return to Green Lanterns His art fits the space-faring epic quite well, and he is really skilled[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – The Black Bat Issues One And Two
Have you ever heard of The Black Bat? He's a very cool pulp era vigilante that Dynamite Entertainment recently did an update on with writer Brian Bucellato and artist Ronan Cliquet Now they are offering up The Black Bat Ominbus which comes in at a whopping 336 pages for only $29.99 The book should be[...]