Green Lanterns #31 Review: The Tragedy Of Volthoom

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Green Lanterns #31 cover by Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and Jason Wright
Green Lanterns #31

The final showdown! Simon, Jess, and what is left of the original seven Green Lanterns versus Volthoom, the First Lantern! Who will survive? Who will fall? Will Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz ever make it home? Find out next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!

Wait, that isn't right.

This issue brings about the ending to the 'Out of Time' arc of Green Lanterns, wherein Jessica and Simon were sent back in time by Volthoom in the present.

The final fight itself is pretty cool, and it's not entirely a fight. In fact, the story turns sympathetic towards Volthoom. He was given his Ring and Lantern by the Guardians, and the power overtook him. It drove him mad, and the Guardians blamed him for it.

Jessica almost manages to bring Volthoom back to the side of light, but, well, you'll see what goes wrong when you read it.

It is an overall satisfying and feel-good finale outside of the tragedy of Volthoom, even if it does leave a couple of loose ends. (Spoiler) Volthoom escapes in the present, searching for the original seven Green Lantern Rings with the intent of rebuilding his Travel Lantern. Rami and original Green Lantern Tyran'r go out to hunt for him, as Simon and Jessica are sent back home to Earth.

The continued bonding of Simon and Jessica is endearing, and the two make a very good team. They are lovable, and they are quickly becoming my favorite Green Lanterns — well, outside of Hal Jordan. I just freaking love Hal Jordan.

Interior art from Green Lanterns #31 by Ronan Cliquet
Green Lanterns #31 art by Ronan Cliquet

I hope Rami and Tyran'r are brought back later. They're both interesting characters in their own right, and the latter becomes really likable over the course of this issue.

Also, any continuity confusions over the Manhunters and the Green Lanterns and which came first are more-or-less resolved. These were created before the Manhunters, but the Green Lantern Corps wasn't properly started until after the rampage of the Manhunters.

Ronan Cliquet has powerful and high-energy art style which fits Green Lanterns very well. He knows how to show the power and aura of a Green Lantern and how to best depict their abilities. Hi-Fi complements this with bright and well-contrasting colors. Green Lanterns #31 looks great thanks to these two.

With 'Out of Time' ending, we will be getting back to business as usual for Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, whatever that means for these two. Don't miss out on this ending, as it comes highly recommended. Give it a read.

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