Saint's Row

Saints Row The Third Character Art

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Will Be Released In May 2020

More news from Deep Silver today as the company revealed that Saints Row: The Third Remastered will be released next month for multiple platforms. The original game released back in late 2011 was one of the biggest titles of the year, and in many ways, one of the last big titles before focus started swinging […]

Saints Row: The Third is Coming to Nintendo Switch This May

Saints Row fans are about to get a little action on the Nintendo Switch as Deep Silver announced Saints Row: The Third will be released on May 10th. The news came out on the company's UK Twitter account, showing off images from the game as they will appear on the consoles. According to the info below, […]

'Saints Row' & 'Agents Of Mayhem' Developer Volition Experience Layoffs

Thirty employees are currently looking for new employment today as Volition, the studio behind titles like Saints Row, Red Faction, and Agents Of Mayhem, went through a series of layoffs today. Kotaku was the first to break the news, citing that poor sales of Agents Of Mayhem led to the decisions, which included general manager Dan […]

Agents Of Mayhem Brings Us To The Firing Squad Today In A New Trailer

The newest trailer for Volition's Saint's Row spinoff, Agents of Mayhem, shows off a few more of the characters, this time from The Firing Squad  The trailer also shows off the unique teleportation skill. Which they're actually calling "technology" here With teleportation, the agents in your squad are able to instantly teleport into and out of combat[...]

Agents Of Mayhem Promises A Massive Amount Of Action In The Latest Trailer

Deep Silver and Volition's Saint's Row spin-off Agents of Mayhem has been quietly shuffling along in the final stages of development since E3, but they won't be keeping that silence The latest trailer promises a whole host of things, including some supermassive quantities of action.Today's trailer isn't as exciting as the last one, which brought[...]

Sowing The Seeds Of Chaos With Agents Of Mayhem At E3

Last year I got the chance to take an early build of Deep Silver and Volition's Agents of Mayhem for a spin, and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the game functioned. The over-the-top characterizations, the cringe-worthy catchphrases, and absolute absurdity of the gameplay made it incredibly enjoyable. Agents of Mayhem has not once taken itself seriously, and […]

Where To Buy Saints Row This Weekend

Humble Bundle will be giving you Steam codes for the games, while GOG will let you download them DRM free.If you pick up Saint's Row VI and it's DLC Gat Out of Hell on GOG before the end of the night, you get a free copy of Saints Row II Or you can just pick up the whole[...]

Agents Of Mayhem: Release Date, Trailer, And Crotch Rockets?

The action ends up being entirely over-the-top, but what do you expect from a Saint's Row spin-off?Agents of Mayhem will be releasing on 15th August in USA and 18th August in Europe The game will be playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so you can enjoy the action on as many platforms as possible.The latest[...]

The Phoenix Incident Set For A Theatrical Release In April

Concourse Media and PCB Productions announced today that The Phoenix Incident, the sci-fi thriller based on the 1997 UFO sighting known as the Phoenix Lights, will get a limited theatrical release on April 8th. The feature film debut of Keith Arem, talent director on video game series like Call of Duty and Saints Row, premiered as a Fathom […]

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Gets An Informercial To Celebrate Its Launch

In Saint's Row 4 for example, you played as a super powered US President fighting an evil alien race It really is the Airplane! of video games, where they just throw so much at the board that some of it is bound to stick.Saint's Row 4 is getting a next-gen rerelease next week along side[...]