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Batman 89 #3 Review: Picture Perfect
This is the first step on a journey into troubling circumstances, and it is amazing how writer Sam Hamm makes this so wonderfully fit the performances and tone of Billy Dee Williams Likewise, the artwork from Joe Quinones, Leonardo Ito, and Clayton Cowles brings this pastiche of the 90s noirish Gotham and the modern-day to[...]
Batman 89 #2 Review: Refreshingly Effective
Oh, and a giant penny ends up at Wayne Manor. What's most impressive (or maybe it's easy for him, having the practical experience of actually writing the Tim Burton films) is how writer Sam Hamm so wonderfully captures the cadence of a younger Michael Keaton or Billy Dee Williams This is clearly a part of a[...]
Batman 89 #1 Review: Pitch Perfect
Likewise, by using a mix of Williams' performances in both Mahogany and The Empire Strikes Back, screenwriter Sam Hamm has nailed the actor's swagger and developed new layers to the doomed district attorney with details that make what comics fans know is coming inevitable From Dent's morning visit to stately Wayne Manor to his plan[...]
I've Stepped Into Development Hell With Sam Hamm's Watchmen
That's where Development Hell comes in and I got a chance to talk with Adam Marcus and Curtis Fortier about their upcoming performance of Watchmen from a script written by Sam Hamm in 1989 Marcus is a horror movie icon having directed Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Let It Snow and was co-writer[...]