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Jeffrey Reddick talks Don't Look Back and Samurai Rabbit
Everyone wants something like Final Destination, but not too much like it. Don't Look Back, in fact, is a sort of indy riff on a similar idea; here, karma seems to be coming for people, but where FD went big, Don't Look Back stays intimate and leans heavily on mystery. Reddick also talked about his current work on Samurai Rabbit, an upcoming Netflix[...]
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The young adventurer and his friends fight nature, villains, and forces of evil in his Nemotech submarine." Reddick is also the co-writer of Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, coming soon to Netflix and based on the Usagi: Yojimbo comic series. The panel, hosted by Kinsane IP Strategy and Acquisitions Head Marlene Sharp, discusses the challenges of adapting a[...]