Samurai Rabbit Scribe Reddick & Rainshine Talk Young Captain Nemo

This week's Castle Talk is a panel led by Rainshine Entertainment and Malaysia's Animasia Studio with Final Destination screenwriter and creator Jeffrey Reddick to discuss plans for an animated film series based on the Macmillan Children's/Feiwel & Friends book trilogy Young Captain Nemo. (Disclosure: Panelist/writer Jason Henderson is also a writer for Bleeding Cool.)

"Final Destination" Scribe Reddick & Rainshine Talk Young Captain Nemo
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As reported this month in Variety, Reddick has been tapped to adapt the series about "12-year-old Gabriel Nemo, a descendant of Jules Verne's Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The young adventurer and his friends fight nature, villains, and forces of evil in his Nemotech submarine." Reddick is also the co-writer of Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, coming soon to Netflix and based on the Usagi: Yojimbo comic series.

The panel, hosted by Kinsane IP Strategy and Acquisitions Head Marlene Sharp, discusses the challenges of adapting a book series. For instance, a series like Young Captain Nemo is full of underwater vehicles that exist only on the page, and each has to be designed, as do the uniforms of the characters. The panel also discussed their inspirations, especially mid-century underwater adventures like anime Marine Boy and western cartoon The Underwater Adventures of Captain Nemo. They also discussed the importance of diversity in the cast: Gabriel Nemo, like Verne's character, is descended from an Indian prince, and the supporting cast is a mix of Western, Southeast Asian, and South Asian characters. A new Young Captain Nemo adventure, The Serpent's Nest, debuts in March.

Chatting in the panel are:

  • Saahil Bhargava,  Founder/Lead Creative at Raijin Studios & Rainshine Entertainment
  • Marlene Sharp, Head of IP Strategy and Acquisitions, Kinsane Entertainment
  • Jeffrey Reddick, Screenwriter/Producer (Twitter @JeffreyaReddick )
  • AhLoong, COO, Animasia Studio
  • Jason Henderson, co-host, writer, Castle Bridge Media

Listen here:

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Jason Henderson is the host of the Castle of Horror and Castle Talk Podcasts, the editor of the "Castle of Horror Anthology" series. He is the author of The Serpent's Nest: Young Captain Nemo from Macmillan Children's Books. His new horror series "Surf Mystic," under the pseudonym Peyton Douglas, debuted with the novel Night of the Book Man in 2020.

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