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Jeffrey Reddick talks Don't Look Back and Netflix's Samurai Rabbit

This time Jason chats with Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the Final Destination franchise, whose directorial debut Don't Look Back is available now on disc and on-demand.

Jeffrey Reddick talks Don't Look Back and Samurai Rabbit
L-R: Don't Look Back Poster. Credit: Hood River Entertainment | Castle Talk Logo. Images used with permission.

Reddick discusses freely what got him into the business — he says he was an actor labeled an "ethnic Michael J. Fox" with few roles in sight– so he turned to creating. But the success of Final Destination itself brought challenges. Everyone wants something like Final Destination, but not too much like it. Don't Look Back, in fact, is a sort of indy riff on a similar idea; here, karma seems to be coming for people, but where FD went big, Don't Look Back stays intimate and leans heavily on mystery.

Reddick also talked about his current work on Samurai Rabbit, an upcoming Netflix series based on the comic Usagi: Yojimbo, and the challenges of diverse casting in 2021.

Say the producers about Don't Look Back:

In Don't Look Back, Caitlin Kramer, a woman of faith overcoming a tragic past, is one of several people who witness Douglas Helton, a well-liked public figure being assaulted in a park and don't intervene. When Douglas dies and the witnesses are "outed" to the public, they begin to die mysteriously. The public is largely unsympathetic, and think they're being stalked by a person out for revenge. And there are several possible suspects; from the victim's family and friends… to the dogged detective who's taken a strong interest in the case. But Caitlin, determined to seek redemption by solving Douglas' murder, see signs, and experiences eerie events that lead her to believe that something far more insidious is after them… maybe the victim's restless spirit, or even karma itself. But whether the threat is human or supernatural, it's very real. And Caitlin's faith, strength and resolve will be tested as she fights to unravel this mystery before she becomes the final victim.

Jeffrey Reddick started in the entertainment industry with an internship at New Line Cinema at age 19, where he worked for 11 years and shot to horror fame with the creation of the Final Destination franchise.  As a writer and producer Jeffrey has worked in features and TV. His first network job was as a story editor for the NBC series, Midnight Texas. He has written on two upcoming Netflix series; one of which is a spinoff of famed Japanese comic book Usagi Yojimbo. Jeffrey's feature directorial debut, the mystery/thriller Don't Look Back, is available now on disc and On Demand.

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