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Set to hit the streaming service this Thursday, April 29, the 6-episode series is under the guiding hands of revered Japanese animation studio MAPPA (Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen) with designs from director and animator Takeshi Koike (Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine)- and now viewers are getting a look[...]
Samurai Beetles Rise from The Grass from Crowtoys
Crowtoys is wise in the ways of the samurai as new insect-inspired samurai figures are unveiled Humanoid insects are not new to the action figure game; one of the most popular right now has to be the Mezco Toyz Gomez We have seen samurai and ninja versions of their mascot, and now Crowtoys is giving[...]
Batman Samurai Shugo Enters the War with XM Studios
XM Studios is back with some new DC Comics samurai designs with Batman This time Batman has taken the title of Shugo and becomes the protector of his are providence He is standing on top of a bat-signal light that is designed after a ceremonial drum The signal will be able to rotate 360 degrees[...]
47 Ronin Sequel Announced – WHY? Mulan Actor Ron Yuan to Direct
That movie was based on Chūshingura, the real-life 18th Century tale of the 47 rōnin, a band of samurai who set out to avenge the death of their master after a merciless shogun killed him 2013's 47 Ronin banked over $38 million at the US box office and a total of $151 million globally off[...]
Lone Wolf and Cub Creator Kazuo Koike has Passed Away
His official Twitter account and various news outlets reported that Koike, 82, was hospitalized for pneumonia and passed away on Wednesday. Koike is the creator of Lone Wolf and Cub and its sequel series New Lone Wolf and Cub, Crying Freeman, Samurai Executioner, Path of the Assassin, Crying Freeman, Lady Snowblood, Mad Bull 34 and many[...]
Marvel Mei Sho MangaRealization Deadpool 3
Those will include three different pairs of eyes, interchangeable hands, katanas, and two pistols.  The figure is available for preorder now. A Japanese take on the strangest superhero in the Marvel Universe, as envisioned by the legendary Takayuki Takeya, an expert on transforming popular characters into samurai and ninja Includes two pairs of hands, a pair[...]
Too Old To Die Young: Amazon Taps Billy Baldwin For New Crime Series
Written by series director Refn and Ed Brubaker (Captain America: Winter Soldier, Westworld), Baldwin will star alongside Miles Teller (Whiplash, Thank You for Your Service) in a series that explores the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles by following killers' existential journeys in becoming samurai. Here's a look at Refn's Instagram post: Aside from Teller's Martin, a police officer[...]
Titan To Publish New Samurai Tale From Di Giorgio And Genet
This March, Titan Comics will be releasing Samurai: The Isle with No Name from Jean-François Di Giorgio and Frédéric Genêt This new series picks up right after the previous Samurai stories and follows Takeo on a new adventure The first issue will be released with covers by Genêt and Kabuki creator David Mack. SAMURAI #1 WRITER: Jean-François Di[...]
Preview The Art Of Jean-Francois Di Giorgio's Samurai From Titan Comics
Written by Jean-François Di Giorgio, with art by Frédéric Genet, the Samurai collected edition tells the story of one Samurai's quest for answers in a brutal world Set in feudal Japan, the story follows Takeo, who has finally achieved his dream of becoming a Samurai While, imperial Japan is in turmoil, General Akuma, one of[...]