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Sea of Thieves is Adding Private Crews in Next Update
credit//Rare Sea of Thieves is getting an update next week which brings with it the option for Private Crews, which many players have been eagerly awaiting. Sea of Thieves' Executive Producer Joe Neate detailed the upcoming patch, and teased coming details on The Hungering Deep, in the May 10 Developer Update video below However the essentials are pretty[...]
Sea Of Thieves
The biggest elephant int he room for Sea Of Thieves at the moment seems to be the lack of ambition for most players to want to do single-player or duos mode And we can't really say we blame them, as we tried it ourselves during the review phase and got slaughtered Unless you're on a galleon[...]
Sea of Thieves
credit//Rare Sea of Thieves was set up to be Microsoft's big break as an Xbox exclusive property, however the game suffered with early impressions indicating a No Man's Sky-esque problem with the game being far too directionless However, it did come with some quirky bugs, like the ability to fly your ship through the air and get[...]
What's In The Box?!: Loot Gaming – April 2018
The vanilla scent was a nice change of pace from having others int he past with the traditional scents of lemon and pine. Going back to pins, the other primary pin we got this month was from Sea Of Thieves, with the trademark symbol on the front of the skull with an eyepatch This design is[...]
Sea Of Thieves Gets a New Patch With Customizations and Bug Fixes
There have been a few complaints about Sea Of Thieves since it launched, and one of the big ones seemed to be customization of the ships as there were only a couple of options To be blunt, it seems like fans expected more and were mad when there wasn't The latest patch that went live[...]
Sea Of Thieves
One of the biggest complaints that we seem to hear on Twitch streams of Sea of Thieves is that the content hits a wall after a certain point and that there are only a few things you can do at a specific point in the game But today, Rare released a brand-new video along with some[...]
Sea of Thieves
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] When we first saw Sea of Thieves last year during Xbox's big presentation before E3 kicked off, this looked like one of the most promising multiplayer games we'd seen in a while Seeking treasure with riddles, sailing ships, fighting off other pirates and a horrifying Kraken It gave us hope that pirates might be[...]
Sea of Thieves Players in Uproar Over Someone Hitting Pirate Legend Status
This week, Twitch streamer Prod1gyX managed to become the first person on record in the game to reach the status of Legendary Pariate on Sea of Thieves By definition, this thing is not supposed to be an easy achievement You have to reach Level 50 with all three factions as you turn in chests, skulls, and supplies[...]
Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is officially the fastest-selling new IP from Microsoft this console generation, it has been revealed. Sea of Thieves has had an interesting launch The game is being talked about all over, receiving mixed reviews from both the critics and the fans On top of that, it's also been the first big Microsoft release[...]
Sea Of Thieves Kills the Death Cost Plans After Fan Outrage
After Rare announced that Sea Of Thieves would be implementing a new mechanic called Death Cost into the game, fans got hot on social media about it Death Cost would have taxed you every time you died in non-PvP scenario, which meant you'd only lose money if you perished in a raid, against the Kraken, Sharks,[...]
Twitch Streamers are Making Guides to Sea Of Thieves
In case you've been playing Sea Of Thieves and haven't been paying attention, the game has a massive board and a lot of different areas you can visit for various items, loot, plundering, battles, and of course death lurking everywhere So like real pirates, the Twitch community of players have slowly started figuring everything out[...]
Sea Of Thieves Will be Taxing You When You Die
Sea Of Thieves fans have been in an uproar today after the developers at Rare released a set of coming updates for the next patch that includes a little item near the bottom called Death Cost Essentially, whenever you die during a mission or any action that is not related to a PvP battle, the game[...]
Sea Of Thieves Experiencing Server Issues on Opening Day
If you've been having issues today logging onto Sea Of Thieves for Xbox and PC, don't worry, everyone is Apparently, the popularity of the game was more than developers bargained for as the servers have come to a standstill tonight from the number of people logging in to play Below is the most recent update[...]
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