Ahoy: Sea of Thieves' Technical Alpha Has Yet Another Play Session

Sign-ups to join the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha may be over, but that doesn't mean the Pirate RPG from Rare is quite done with its Technical Alpha phase just yet. Rare announced another play session for this weekend, which will be the longest play session available for the game so far.

Ahoy: Sea of Thieves' Technical Alpha Has Yet Another Play Session

This week, jump into Sea of Thieves' biggest ever play session, running from Thursday, December 14th – Wednesday, December 20th. That gives you pretty much a whole week of Sea of Thieves. So you can go get drunk, try to drive a boat you can't see with your equally drunk pirate buds, and maybe get around to playing through some of the campaign. Personally, the drunk sea battles are always the biggest highlight of any play session of Sea of Thieves — but then, I like to dress like a pirate any day I have to do laundry, so clearly I am hopeless.

If Sea of Thieves is still installed on your Xbox One, there will be an update coming your way very soon. Head to My Games & Apps on your console and check in the Updates section for the latest build. If you need a new download of the game, follow the steps below:

  • On your Xbox One, head to the Store
  • Search for and install the Xbox Insider Hub
  • Launch the Hub and you'll find Sea of Thieves waiting for you
  • Click the icon which will take you through to the Store page
  • Install as you would any other game

When the sessions are live, boot up the game as you would any other and you'll see the title screen, complete with highly hummable music, a message from the Rare team to you, and access to the game. Be sure to read the in-game message, as that will give you the latest info about the play session.

And Thursday morning, Community Managers 'Deeceitful' Dee and 'Mighty' McFarlane will be joined by Design Director 'Mutinous' Mike Chapman and Executive Producer Joe 'Three Sheets' Neate will be hosting a special pre-test stream to show some never before seen features ahead of your playtest this weekend, giving you a first look at what to expect on your journey to becoming a pirate legend. The stream will be available on Mixer at 5 p.m. GMT.

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