The Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha Is Back Online

Rare has opened the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha test once again for all Sea of Thieves Insiders. However, thanks to a gag-order in the Insider NDA, I can't tell you much about what the game looks like or plays like in the Technical Alpha as of yet. However, it is something like smooth sailing.

And, from what I can tell from the official announcement, other than the usual bug and crash reports, Rare aren't testing for anything in particular with this Alpha phase. The Alpha will run until Monday, November 6th at 10am GMT, which means it won't be live for the launch of the Xbox One X. So sadly, you won't get to experience it in true 4K on your Xbox. However, if you've got a 4K PC rig and run Windows 10, you've already seen the game in 4k. As much as Microsoft might like us to believe that 4K is truly mind-blowing, I think we'll all survive.

If you've already registered as a Sea of Thieves Insider, you should have access to the Technical Alpha and the Technical Alpha update notice/ list of known bugs. Otherwise you can sign up to be an Insider here. Anyone with a Microsoft account can do so since the game is available on Xbox One and Windows 10.
As for what this Alpha phase brings to the table, according to Rare's Sea of Thieves blog:
As a quick recap, the headline features of this update are our non-verbal comms system, banishment to the brig, ship scuttling and the long-awaited option of setting sail on a smaller craft with a cut-down crew. For elaboration on all these things, take a fascinating four-minute cruise through the video below. We assure you it's worth it, not least because of the velvety voiceover work from our in-house Video Producer John McMurtrie, who you may remember from his stint on Sea of Thieves' E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough.
Rest assured we're keeping a list of celebrities and VO artists that John has already been mistaken for, including Simon Pegg and Craig Ferguson. Please feel free to suggest more. And there are plenty of Sea of Thieves social channels where you can discuss this or any of the other, arguably more relevant features on display in the latest video! Stoked for small ships? Buzzing about the brig? Don't keep it to yourself – let us know!
The official Technical Alpha update video is below.

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