Rare is Working on the "Too Early" Error for the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

Rare is Working on the "Too Early" Error for the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

Rare is currently working on a fix for the "too early" error several Xbox One and PC players have encountered when trying to launch the Sea of Thieves closed beta test which started today. Rare acknowledged the error on Twitter, saying they are fully focused on a resolution to the error which indicates a player is "Too Early" to play the beta.

The "too early" error is far from the only bug players are running into with the closed beta launch, but is one of the many. And is arguably the most annoying. If you manage to get into the game but can't start any quests, well, at least you can go out on the seas and start a fight with another player or two. Or proceed to roleplay and get yourself good a drunk before causing some high-seas mayhem.

The closed beta is scheduled to run through January 29 and is available to those who pre-ordered the game or signed up for the Sea of Thieves Insider Program before December 1, 2017.At this point, the only way you can get yourself in on all the pirate action is by pre-ordering the game.

Earlier today, Rare announced the "Design an Achievement" contest for Sea of Thieves. The contest gives players the chance to, naturally, create an achievement for the game. Players can submit their ideas in the specially created forum for the duration of the closed beta.

The contest requires players to come up with an achievement name of no more than 44 characters, along with a description of no more than 100 characters. As an optional extra, they can even suggest an image to go alongside it. The winner will have their submission become a bona-fide in-game achievement, and they'll receive an exclusive piece of signed artwork, as well as "a whole bunch of Sea of Thieves booty!"

Sea of Thieves will officially be released on March 20. As of yesterday, it will be the first Microsoft Studios game to be available on Xbox Game Pass the day of release.

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