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Bear Pirate Viking Queen
Sean Lewis of King Spawn and Thumbs teams and Jonathan Marks Barravecchia have a new three-issue comic book series, Bear Pirate Viking Queen, launching in May from Image Comics And they are comparing it to… From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell? Bears Pirates Vikings And Queens—all battling for their claim to determine what the[...]
Above Snakes
Image Comics announced a new series by writer Sean Lewis (King Spawn), artist Hayden Sherman (Wasted Space), and in what we can only assume was an editorial mistake when putting together the press release because nobody ever credits letterers, letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, coming to stores this July Above Snakes is described as a revenge tale[...]
Juggernaut #1 Review:
With Bliss #4, writer Sean Lewis and artist Caitlin Yarsky continue their story about man versus gods that is, at its core, about man versus himself After three poetic, beautifully illustrated issues that shake at the pillars of what comics as a medium can be, this fourth issue takes this saga of drugs, murder, corruption, and rot to[...]
Lonely Receiver #2 Review:
Bliss #3 continues Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarksy's tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil… or, rather, three devils… in order to save his sick son's life Are we going to get a Breaking Bad-esque "I did it for me" moment here, or will Benton have a come-to-God moment as his son tells his story[...]
40 Seconds #1
The first issue, which reunited the Coyotes team of writer Sean Lewis and artist Caitlin Yarsky which created a world that felt part gritty, urban anime, and part surrealist poem As the lead character told the story of his father's descent into the life of a monster's assassin, does Bliss #2 keep the same creative energy as the[...]
Coyotes #3 cover by Caitlin Yarsky
In Coyotes #3, Coffey and Red meet some old mysterious old women in the hopes of finding help in fighting the Coyotes. Meanwhile, we learn more of the source of these creatures. Is it a good read?