Clankillers #2 Review: Youthful and Innocent Deicide

Finola and Cillian are almost captured by King Padraig, but the Banshees of the forest cover the youths' escape. Finola and Cillian seek the Dullahan, the Irish grim reaper, to aid the in killing the four clans and the Goddess Balor. Padraig returns to his castle to find Una and Reagan practicing magic and speaking ill of him. This enrages the king, and he takes violent action against his daughters.

Clankillers #2 cover by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone
Clankillers #2 cover by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone

Clankillers #2 is stunning in its ability to balance barbaric cruelty, Irish mythology and lore, and youthful rebellion to create a compelling yet unnerving tale. Finola and Cillian are at war with eldritch forces to strike out against the adults who have admittedly horrifically abused them.

That childlike need for any form of revenge gives the book a mythic quality in itself. All cultures have stories of childish tricksters mucking about with the more powerful forces for reasons that range from selfish to outright trivial.

Clankillers #2 has a lot of fun with the Irish lore it dabbles in. The scene with the Dullahan is especially entertaining while still being downright horrific.

The comic has no qualms with showing how awful a person King Padraig is too. There is sort of an anarchic freedom in how awful most of these characters really are. Finola and Cillian are almost innocent in their understanding and have genuine grievances, so you're compelled to want to see them win—even if what they aim to accomplish is in the realm of genocide.

Clankillers #2 art by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone
Clankillers #2 art by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone

Antonio Fuso's artwork is great, giving this strange ethereal world a strange and ethereal aesthetic. The characters are depicted with slight detail, only fleshing out what's needed. This characters almost appear to be fading, aided by Stefano Simeone's pale and faded color art. It comes together to create this world of dark wonder and foreboding mystery.

Clankillers #2 follows the first issue with a strong second punch. Finola and Cillian are fun and mischievous protagonists trying to burn their brutal world to the ground while messing with vast magic forces they can scarcely comprehend. It's a great read and comes recommended. Check it out.

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