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DC Splits Detective Comics Apart For Shadows Of The Bat Collections
DC Comics is going to split up Detective Comics for upcoming collections, with the main Batman storyline running in one book, with the back-up strips running in another, as part of their new Shadows Of The Bat line And both volumes published on the same day, the 20tyh of December Might this be the model[...]
Detectivce Comics Continues Weekly In February As Shadows Of The Bat
Now in February 2022, there is even more to learn with the solicitations for the Shadows Of The Bat event and a Gotham without Batman – either of them. Things are getting dark in Gotham City in the weekly "Shadows of the Bat" event taking place in Detective Comics Lead by writer Mariko Tamaki, with back-up[...]
DC Comics December 2021 Solicitations Frankensteined
Following Fear State in the Batbooks from January, is a new 12-week event, Shadows Of The Bat, showrun by Mariko Tamaki alongside artists Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Max Rayno, Amancay Nahuelpan, and Jordie Bellaire. Each of the twelve issues across a number of Batbooks will also include feature back-up stories by Matthew Rosenberg and Fernando Blanco ,[...]
Danny DeVito Writes Penguin In DC Comics November 2021 Solicitations
And as the new upcoming event The Shadows Of The Bat comes after Fear State's End, so Batman is leaving Gotham The credo goes that every Bat-writer should create a birth and a death for their version of the character James Tynion IV has specified the importance of Gotham and how the city is changing[...]