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As James Tynion IV Leaves Batman, Batman Leaves Gotham

DC Comics November 2021 solicitations mark James Tynion IV's last issues of Batman from DC Comics (though he will stick on The Joker for a bit longer). And as the new upcoming event The Shadows Of The Bat comes after Fear State's End, so Batman is leaving Gotham. The credo goes that every Bat-writer should create a birth and a death for their version of the character. James Tynion IV has specified the importance of Gotham and how the city is changing in his run, Batman leaving Gotham may serve a similar function. Here are a few solicited plot points of note, cut and shunted around.

As James Tynion IV Leaves Batman, Batman Leaves Gotham
Batman #117

On leaving Gotham:

  • BATMAN #117: The shocking conclusion to "Fear State" is here…Will Batman ever be the same?
  • BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #10: Tim Drake goes to make peace with Batman before he leaves Gotham.
  • BATMAN: FEAR STATE: OMEGA #1: As Gotham's Fear State comes to a close, a new day dawns on the city…one without Batman.

On something happening to the Magistrate's Skybase-01

  • BATMAN #117: After what happened in the Magistrate's Skybase-01, nowhere is safe, and the Batgirls hide out in a hotel room until Babs arrives offering a plan for their future.
  • NIGHTWING #86: Now aboard the Magistrate's Skybase-01, they have made it their mission to bring the airborne leviathan down,

On the Anti-Oracle pumping out misinformation against both The Magistrate and the Batfamily, including telling Gotham that Batman is dead:

  • BATMAN #117: Seer, the "Anti-Oracle," is revealed here! And who they are will make you question everything you see moving forward in Gotham…
  • BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #9: Batwoman now has the help of her sister, Beth, who is currently disguised as Red Alice to hit the underground network of villains in order to trace where the Anti-Oracle is.
  • NIGHTWING #86: prevent Seer's disinformation from being broadcast

On whatever is happening with Poison Ivy, with the power to destroy Gotham, but divided in two.

  • HARLEY QUINN #9: reuniting with Poison Ivy to try to save all of Gotham…
  • BATMAN SECRET FILES: THE GARDENER #1: Learn not only how Bella Garten came to know Pamela Isley, but how she was integral to the origin of the woman who would one day be known to all as Poison Ivy.
  • CATWOMAN #37: with Queen Ivy and Ivy aware of each other now, will they destroy the city or become one again?

And seeing how Fear State may destroy the future of Future State

  • BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #9: Signal, meet Future State Duke Thomas, and listen to every warning he has to deliver!

And what will Gotham be looking like ahead of Shadows Of The Bat?

  • CATWOMAN #37: Catwoman's attempts to keep Alleytown, and those around her, safe from collateral damage have failed. Simon Saint, the Wight Witch, Father Valley, and the Magistrate have all compromised her newly founded kingdom and brought her entire life to the brink.
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #1045: Batman and Mayor Nakano have freed themselves from the Vile parasite-infected sewers of Gotham City… and cast an eerie shadow over the next major Bat-event to come…
  • CATWOMAN #37: there is still hope in the form of the Alleytown Strays. Could these children, trained by Selina, be her salvation?
  • BATMAN: FEAR STATE: OMEGA #1:  But the Dark Knight's absence does not mean the city is without heroes.
  • DETECTIVE COMICS 2021 ANNUAL #1: "Shadows of the Bat" begins here! In the prelude to January's epic new Detective Comics event, Mayor Nakano has signed off on the construction of a new Arkham Tower in the heart of Gotham City, and the Bat-Family is torn. Batman has long seen Arkham as a necessary, if flawed, cog in the gears of Gotham City—a temporary solution to larger problems that in many ways mirrors his approach as Batman. Nightwing, however, who grew up watching Arkham mutate into a villain factory, believes a different approach is needed.

Shadows Of The Bat, as well as reflecting a previous title, suggest that Batman has left behind many to help Gotham, his Bat-family. They perform the role he did, his shadows, but also looking at the long-term impact being a Batman may have had on the place. A new Arkham Tower, not an Asylum, in the centre of Gotham rather than the outskirts reflects the stripped-down and centralised Batman and Batcaves that Tyunion introduced. Tynion promises he has more to say on Monday…

As James Tynion IV Leaves Batman, Batman Leaves Gotham
Detective Comics Annual 2021

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