World Of Warcraft – Legion Brings Maelstrom To The Shamans

Today I continue my look at the proposed changes for character classes in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Legion. And this time we are going to look at William Shatner's personal choice to play… the Shaman. [youtube][/youtube] The first two big changes off the bat aren't necessarily spec specific. There is an overhaul in […]

Mixing Necromancy, Humor And Adventure – Ben Kahn Talks Shaman

By Nikolai Fomich   [Shaman Issue One] In the world of superhero comics, no one stays dead forever. But who brings the dead back to life? That's the question writer Ben Kahn and illustrator Bruno Hidalgo explore in their new supernatural adventure comic Shaman. With their Kickstarter campaign well underway, I spoke with Ben about […]

CoupleWatch: Puck And Shaman's Daughter

From yesterday's Amazing X-Men. Puck, recently of X-Force, getting a call… but who is his companion? He's old enough to be Talisman's… well… grandfather. Just no one tell his old friend Michael Twoyoungmen, okay? It might just kill him. You know, again…