Some Good, Some Bad: Hasbro X-Men Marvel Legends Wave 2 Review Part 2

Marvel legends X-Men Wave 2

The other day, I took a look at three of the Wave 2 X-Men Marvel legends figures, and after an issue that I will discuss down below, I am back with a look at the other four figures. We also looked at Old Man Logan already as well. Same as the first part, there are some issues here for sure, but some strong figures at the same time.

First, lets take a look at Cyclops. Right off the bat I will say that this is my favorite sculpt and costume choice of this wave. 90's Cyclops is the definitive version for me personally, and except for one small detail, they really nailed this figure. My only real complaint here is the attachment pieces tend to slip off on a regular basis and mine does not connect on the back at all, no matter how it is positioned. Besides that, he has nice tight joints, hes very posable, and I love the touching-his-visor hand. This is my second favorite figure in the wave.

Next is the figure I expected to be my least favorite of the wave, Shatterstar. Funny, he was always one of my "oh yeah! He exists" mutant characters, he just never did anything for me. But I am happy to say this figure impressed me. Number one for his posability. The giant swords make combat poses pretty nifty-looking, and even on one foot, I had no issues getting him to stand and stay. The face sculpt is ok, a lot of it is hidden by his helmet, which does not come off since it is molded under his hair. The part that is troublesome on mine is the left arm, because of his big shoulder piece it limits where the arm can go on mine, so any dynamic sword poses have to come from the right arm. He still has pouches galore as well! Overall he is a pretty good figure that shows Hasbro will go deeper into the character roster, and I appreciate that.

The last of the regular figures, and my favorite of the wave is Sunfire. This is a long requested figure, and they did a darn good job on him. I will say this: I had to buy this figure twice (which is why this review is a day late: I had to track down another), as when I was originally starting to pose this figure the right arm was quite stiff and snapped right off the figure. The second one does not have that issue at all, so be very careful! I love the paint aps on this figure. Mine has zero bleed, and the intricate details around his neck and on the mask are awesome. The flame hand pieces from Iron Fist make an appearance here, and fit his hands perfectly. Posing is not an issue, Sunfire and Cyclops both are great examples of how the ankle joint can be a positive, as opposed to on say Dazzler. I do have to say that this is where I wish Hasbro would include a flyer display stand every once in awhile, I would love to use one for him. But it is ok. Overall, this guy and Cyclops are the must-haves of this wave to me.

Our Build a Figure is Warlock, and he is a mixed bag. Great character choice, it is great to see New Mutants get some love here. I LOVE the head sculpt, it is flawless, from the tech-hair  to the crazy expression on his face, it could not be any better. The problems with this figure lies in his extremities. The arms are hard to pose, and if you do not keep them close to his body, his hoses constantly disconnect from his back in the most infuriating way you can imagine. While his legs are sculpted well, no matter what I do one of his legs is constantly in the air off the surface, which is countered by the incredible balance he has when standing in a running pose on one foot. The interchangeable saw hand is cool, but I prefer his open hand to that. Those hoses though, yeesh. One of the more annoying things on a figure in forever.

Alland all, this is another strong wave of mutants. While not as awesome as the first, Old Man Logan, Cyclops, and Sunfire are must-buys, I would say buy Shatterstar and Colossus, and unless you want to build Warlock, leave Polaris and sadly Dazzler on the pegs. Overall however, Hasbro is doing a great job with their mutant related figures, and I can't wait for Wave 3.

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