Who are the Members of Deadpool's New (X-Force?) Team in the Deadpool 2 Trailer?

The world was surprised today with a trailer for Deadpool 2, introducing Josh Brolin's Cable. But eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed one shot which seemed to show Deadpool with a team that some on the internet are speculating to be our first look at X-Force.

Who are the Members of Deadpool's New (X-Force?) Team in the Deadpool 2 Trailer?

We recognize Deadpool, of course, in the middle, as well as Zazie Beetz's Domino on the far left. But what about the other three? Who are these characters? Let's speculate.

On the far right, that's Terry Crews, who we know was cast in an unknown role in the movie. Some are speculating that Crews could be playing George Washington Bridge, a character who, like Deadpool, was created by Rob Liefeld and Marvel janitor Fabian Nicieza., and is best known for being a part of Cable's pre-X-Force band of mercenaries, the Six Pack. There's also been some speculation that Crews is playing Garrison Kane, another Liefeld/Nicieza creation from Cable's Six Pack days. Though Kane is Caucasian in the comics, he could easily be race swapped for Deadpool 2. The character could also be Hammer, another Six Pack veteran created by Liefeld and Nicieza. Are we sure this is X-Force and not the Six Pack?

In between Crews and Deadpool is what appears to be a male character whose headgear seems to hint strongly that he is Shatterstar. It's unknown who the actor playing this character is, and previously announced actors playing unnamed roles don't seem to fit. Shatterstar isn't the only character with a look similar to that, especially from a Liefeld comic, but he's certainly the most likely to appear on an X-Force team.

Who are the Members of Deadpool's New (X-Force?) Team in the Deadpool 2 Trailer?

Finally, in between Deadpool and Domino is another character, whose gender isn't definitive in the brief shots in the trailer. We've seen guesses on Twitter that the character could be Marrow, a female mutant who has appeared on a version of X-Force. Others guess that she could be a revamped Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Another possibility, if we want to stick to Liefeld creations, is Feral, a mutant with cat powers who has been an X-Force member.

That assumes that the character is female (and it's probably safe to assume that Fox would be unlikely to include a nonbinary character in the film, though it's not outside the realm of possibility). However, due to the low visibility, it's possible the character is actually male, though our best guess in that case would be Misfits bassist Jerry Only. Only, a real person, has never been a member of X-Force and was not, to our knowledge, created by Rob Liefeld, so that does seem unlikely.

Who are the Members of Deadpool's New (X-Force?) Team in the Deadpool 2 Trailer?

We'll surely learn more in the coming months leading up to Deadpool 2's May release, but feel free to post your own speculation in the comments.

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