The Walking Dead Season 10: Together They Will Silence the Whispers [TEASER]

"The Walking Dead" Season 10: Together, They Will "Silence" the Whispers [TEASER]

together?They can silence the whispers...Kang and crew gave us another look at the upcoming season recently, with the following teaser showing the community struggling between abiding by their deal with The Whisperers and going to war with them - even as Alpha's crew continues to watch.. and learn...On The Walking Dead Season 10 Preview Special,[...]

Who Watches The Watchmen Kaitlyn Vs Critics 1/15

Who Watches The Watchmen? Kaitlyn Vs Critics 1/15

Today we are going to cover Patriots Day and Silence.Patriots Day Rotten Tomatoes: 79% Metacritic: 69 Kaitlyn: 3 / 10The critical consensus for Patriots Day mentions that it is a “solidly crafted tribute to the heroes of a real-life American tragedy” which does not make any sense The movie itself, as I detailed, does not follow the actions[...]

Silence Is A Passion Project That Goes On Forever

'Silence' Is A Passion Project That Goes On Forever

Silence is obviously a passion project but it goes on so long that it loses any weight by the end.Title: Silence Director: Martin Scorsese Summary: Two priests travel to Japan in an attempt to locate their mentor and propagate Catholicism.“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” is the proverb and it rings true in movies[...]

Martin Scorseses Silence Gets Its First Trailer

Martin Scorsese's Silence Gets Its First Trailer

Martin Scorsese's Silence has had quite a lot of people a buzz for a while now The film looks to be going in new directions for the director, as well as having a pretty killer cast.Taking place in Japan, it tells the story of two Christian missionaries who are trying to find their mentor in[...]