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Fantastic Four #94 featuring the first appearance of Agatha Harkness (Marvel, 1969).
Agatha Harkness always seemed a little out of place against the super-science backdrop of the world of the Fantastic Four of the late Silver Age (or early Bronze Age if you prefer, this one is borderline), but that was undoubtedly part of the point.  In need of a way to raise newborn Franklin Richards away[...]
Strange Tales Annual #2 (Marvel, 1963)
Silver Age Marvel was still taking shape at that point, and those first annuals hit the newsstands in 1962 about a week after the Human Torch took over the ongoing title itself with Strange Tales #101.  Fantastic Four #7, Incredible Hulk #3, Tales to Astonish #36 (second issue of the Ant-Man series in the title,[...]
Fantastic Four #40 (Marvel, 1965).
Many readers know that atomic radiation in one form or another was responsible for the development of the powers of some of the most important heroes at the dawn of Marvel's Silver Age, but radiation could take away such powers as well.  Such was the case for one of Marvel's most memorable mid-1960s stories, which[...]
Tales of Suspense #41 (Marvel, 1963)
In the early Silver Age, it took Marvel a couple of times to learn its lesson with the color gray.  The color was difficult to print with consistency during that time (and really… as someone with a lot of experience prepping color comics for print, I can tell you that subsequent decades sometimes didn't improve[...]
Fantastic Four #14 (Marvel, 1963)
The Sub-Mariner is one of the definitive anti-heroes of the Marvel Silver Age, and the story of the Golden Age character's return to comics in the 1960s is part of the foundation of the Marvel Universe.  But when he was revived by the Human Torch in Fantastic Four #4, he quickly discovered that Atlantis had[...]