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Ikonei Island Receives New Multiplayer Update
Snowcastle Games and Jagex have revealed a new update is now available for Ikonei Island as you can now jump into a multiplayer mode Much like other farming games, the team started out by making it a single-player adventure of you starting a farm on an island as you manage resources and find mysteries all[...]
Jagex Announces New Three Game Publishing Deal
RuneScape publisher Jagex has announced that they have a brand new three-game publishing deal with independent studio Snowcastle Games The two companies agreed to work together on three titles in the 90s-inspired RPG adventure series, Earthlock, with the first of them being the self-titled game which launched into Early Access on Steam in August of this year[...]
Sony Releases an Extended Trailer for Earthlock
As per the description they created below, the game is a re-release of the original Earthlock: Festival of Magic, but this version is the one you can currently also get on Steam as Snowcastle Games released it on March 8th Everything from the game looks nice and pretty with any flaws or animation hiccups cleaned up[...]