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Frankie Boyle's Return To Stand Up In London's West End – Review
I grabbed a front-row seat for an evening where it seems social distancing wasn't top of everyone's agenda. Frankie Boyle began his Work In Progress set at the Soho Theatre in London yesterday commenting on how his last gig has been at this very theatre over a year ago and how at the time, his jokes[...]
Phoebe Waller-Bridge has more than one reason for attending service in Fleabag, courtesy of BBC.
and Ireland via the Soho Theatre's On Demand Streaming site with the rental costing £5.00 and last for two weeks Beginning Friday, April 10, it will be available in the US on Amazon Prime for $5.00. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: National Theatre Live: Fleabag | Trailer ( Waller-Bridge hopes the effort can do[...]
Apologies, Bleeding Cool Service Today Interrupted By Bomb
I've got tickets to see Bridget Christie's show at the Soho Theatre on Dean Street tonight. But I do know one thing I was buggared if I was going to leave the cup of tea I'd just ordered at Starbucks to drink in, just because Jerry's finest hadn't tightened the screws enough – or had tightened[...]