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Katherine Langford song "I Could Be Your King" (Lyric Video) | Cursed | Netflix
That's right, Langford sings "I Could Be Your King," an original song for the streaming series ahead of its Friday, July 17th debut- and you can check it out for yourselves below: Katherine Langford song "I Could Be Your King" (Lyric Video) | Cursed | Netflix can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Katherine Langford song[...]
Don't Look Back (Music Video) | Rick and Morty | adult swim
Now before some of you take to the comments below to tell me how wrong I am, take moment to vibe the heartbreaking, soul-crushing song "Don't Look Back" from the season finale Written by Ryan Elder and Kotomi, with vocals by Kotomi, the song is second only to "Do You Feel It" from Chaos Chaos[...]
New Looney Tunes: Yes, That WAS Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose Singing 'Rock the Rock' (VIDEO)
"Take me down to a left at Albuquerque Where the carrots are orange and the Fudd is quirky…" Let's just cut to the chase and clear up the confusion.. Yes, that was Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses fame you heard singing on Christmas Eve when Boomerang aired new New Looney Tunes episode 'Armageddon Outta Here, Part Two.' Boomerang The network confirmed the[...]
Nine Lives Lived In Full With Dave McKean At The British Library
I'm guessing he may have rubbed his beard quite a bit when McKean saw the Paperman short, but this is stylistically so different. The second clip from Luna was a re-edited scene to a song and a soundtrack sung and played by McKean He told us that, in its long production periods, he is very grateful[...]
Phoenix Jones – The Song, The Protestors And The Pepper Spray
But Phoenix Jones also stars in a new music video with a song about… himself, from Quickie. There's also a PhoenixCam version of the Seattle protests, put online to prove that Phoenix did not pepper spray protesters as has been claimed It gets… quite intense Real Life Superheroics on the front line. [youtube][/youtube]     [...]