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Nick Frost Turned Down Star Wars Because Of The Pay – No Pugwash Movie
Simon Pegg has talked about how his friendship with Nick Frost, which led to them living together, create the TV show Spaced, and movies such as Shaun Of The Dead, Paul, Hot Fuzz, The World's End and more, began when Nick Frost did an impersonation of the small Star Wars droid that whizzed across the[...]
SCOOP: The Simon Pegg Graphic Novel
There's a fictional story that runs through Simon Pegg's recently released autobiography Nerd Do Well. Publisher Cornerstone thought it would be a wizard
Would Jessica Hynes Write New Spaced Without Simon Pegg?
That dates for Andy Serkis on The Hobbit are yet to be fixed, though dates aren't fixed; thanks to his sweary appearance on Chris Evans' TGI Friday, singer/songwriter Sean Ryder is the only person named in Channel 4's constitution as banned from the channel even on recorded video; and Jessica Hynes was asked if we[...]