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Redemption #2: AWA Studios Previews Their Feminist SciFi Western
Redemption takes a different turn into Science Fiction, Spaghetti Western, Mad Max-style post-apocalypse dystopias, and outright LGBTQ feminist polemic The bad guys are redeemably venal and fascistic men who oppress women The good guys are women The Gunslinger with No Name is drawn to look cheekily like Linda Hamilton as you might imagine her action[...]
Redemption #1: Time for a Feminist SciFi Spaghetti Western
Just as her crime series Bad Mother concludes, her feminist Science Fiction Spaghetti Western begins Redemption #1 sets the stage for a post-apocalyptic Western where the deadly laconic Clint Eastwood-style gunslinger figure is a tough, mean old lady. "Redemption #1" cover art, courtesy of AWA Studios Set in an unspecified post-apocalyptic future of desert wasteland towns where[...]