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doctor manhattan
Doomsday Clock #2 from DC Comics by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson comes out and continues the ongoing mystery of just what is the connection of the Watchmen world and the DC Universe — and what is Doctor Manhattan doing. Well, Johns may have added another wrinkle to this mystery with this issue.
Maybe The Real Villain Of Doomsday Clock IS Superboy-Prime
CBR published a very interesting theory on the notion that the real big bad of Doomsday Clock, the new 4-issue event from Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson coming November that promises to be the resolution of the DC/Watchmen/Rebirth mystery, may in fact be Superboy-Prime. It's a great article, with a ton of fantastic points[...]
Speculator Corner: Love Stories (To Die For) #1 And Reality Check #1
Everyone hates anthologies. It doesn't have ongoing characters or scenarios that might grip a reader from issue to issue. That $5 puts off readers as much as it does retailers. Reality Check Pros: Glen Brunswick has been creating a number of Image comics of late but this is his first in the more recent Image speculation era[...]
BC Mag #4: Hot Comics = Ca$h!
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston The rule used to be, the first print is hot, and the second print is not. And for the most part that held,
BC Mag #2: Hot Comics
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston Amazing Spider-Man #600 is the beginning of where all this Doctor Octopus/Superior Spider-Man stuff we