Archie Summer Annual #280 Review: Summertime Shenanigans!

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"It's SUMMER FUN MONTH! with the new lead story "Beachwatch"! They're filming a new "Beachwatch" movie on the beach, and Archie is thrilled to have gotten a part in it! But will he become a star, or will something cause him to get burned?"

Archie Summer Annual #280 Review: Summertime Shenanigans!

Archie and summertime go hand in hand. Think about it: almost all of us took our comics to the beach, so we could read about fictional teenagers playing on a similar beach. Or maybe I was the only one who did that. Regardless, Archie and the gang have decades worth of stories about summertime and the beach, and Archie Summer Annual #280 is a great way to celebrate the hot season!

In Dan Parent's newest story — Beachwatch — Archie is an extra in a movie. His role is a lifeguard, which in itself is pretty funny. We also learn that Archie is doing this for the "exposure", which is a tongue-in-cheek poke at people who don't want to pay writers, artists, and even actors for their time and work. Reggie is quick to point out how dumb that is, and I'm inclined to agree. But Archie is a good person, and probably had the best intentions in mind with this. Of course something bad has to happen, and in this case, Archie gets a terrible sunburn.

Archie Summer Annual

There's 192 pages of summertime shenanigans, and all of them are fantastic. I'm partial to the one-page gag stories, especially A Cause For A Pause and Beach Speech, where Archie proves just how girl-crazy he is.

There's a ton of talent in here, including Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo, George Gladir, Chic Stone, Fernando Ruiz, and more. Archie Summer Annual #280 is a great read for kids who may be bored during summer break, and, of course, anyone else who enjoys Archie.

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