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Noah Hawley to Write and Direct "Star Trek 4"
Still, while having a large and dedicated following, Star Trek never really managed to get fans outside of people who were already going to be into something like Star Trek. L-R: The official posters for Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), and Star Trek Beyond (2016) Credit: Paramount Pictures The 2009 movie changed that, and[...]
London Is The Centre Of The Universe. According To Thor.
If you're interested in the older sort of movie The Arsenal Stadium Mystery and Blow-Up have a keen sense of place. But the last couple of years or so have seen a slew of movies using London as a backdrop. The future London Of Star Trek Into Darkness Star Trek Into Darkness showed us the London of the[...]
Springing Forward Into Darkness – Saturday Trending Topics
Anyway: Star Trek Into Darkness, Army Of Darkness 2… and a host of favorites: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: If You Know Mike And Laura Allred, Could You Get In Touch?  It's not been a great day for Mike and Laura Allred Mike writes; DC Solicitations For June 2013 – Except For Batman And Beyond  Bringing in DC' solicitations, as revealed[...]
Star Trek Into Darkness – Impressions From The New 30 Minute Super-Teaser
A few months ago Paramount treated me, and a few hundred people like me, to a short presentation of footage from Star Trek Into Darkness You may have seen that footage yourself by now, it ran ahead of IMAX screenings of The Hobbit. Now they've done it again – but I don't think this footage will[...]
Star Trek Into Darkness New Pics And Details – Monday Trending Topics
Star Trek Into Darkness new pics and a bit of plot info takes us into the holiday: The last issue of Empire magazine for 2012 is to be a 2013 preview, as you might expect, and so it follows that Star Trek Into Darkness features heavily. Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Jamie McKelvie, Danger Zone: Um… An Apology There[...]
The Khan Conspiracy – Thursday Trending Topics
 Diehard fans had to explain it to their friends back then, and perhaps the hardcore fans can explain Khan now for Star Trek Into Darkness too. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Marvel's Land Grab On DC In March No big showboating, no exclusive agreements, just quietly taking names associated with DC Comics I expect more people to notice if[...]
Star Trek Into Darkness – Two Teaser Trailers
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. We finally get to see our first glimpses of Star Trek Into Darkness, and it's all framed by Benedict Cumberbatch talking about 'society' and 'illusions' and such You know, evil stuff. [youtube][/youtube] And here's a second Japanese edit that searching YouTube turned up[...]