Star Trek's Alice Eve Set to Appear in Iron Fist Season 2

It looks like Netflix's second season of Iron Fist is about to get a little Trekkie "geek cred," with Variety reporting exclusively that Star Trek: Into Darkness's Alice Eve set to join the cast of the streaming service's Marvel adaptation.

Alice Eve
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Eve's acting career has spanned film, television and theatre. She is best known for roles in genre films such as Men in Black III, The Raven and Star Trek: Into Darkness; and as Naomi Jayne Blestow in an episode of Black Mirror, 'Nosedive.' Interestingly enough, her connection to Trek continues with January's Dakota Fanning-led film Please Stand By, which tells the story of an autistic Star Trek fan who attempts to submit her manuscript for a writing competition.

Eve is set to join Iron Fist lead Finn Jones along with fellow cast members Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, and Sacha Dhawan; though her role on the series is being kept under wraps. Resident comic book-to-television expert Dan Wickline gave me a heads up before I began writing that she could possibly be coming on board as Lady Gorgon, so I'm linking your eyeballs over to his incredibly helpful post about a casting announcement that might just confirm his hypothesis; and quoting The Man himself directly for a little background:

Star Trek's Alice Eve Set to Appear in Iron Fist Season 2

"This description fits the character of Lady Gorgon, who is technically a Punisher villain created by Matt Fraction, Rick Remender and Howard Chaykin. She first appeared in Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #20. In the comics Gorgon and her two partners, Silhouette and Illumination, are hired by Jigsaw to kill the Punisher. After failing to do so, she is once again hired by Jigsaw, but this time to pose as Maria Castle, Frank's dead wife, to torture him. Once Frank figures out that she's an impostor… he stabs her to death.

Lady Gorgon is a member of The Hand, the favorite villains of the Netflix series so far. She is a proficient fighter with blades and firearms and has a level of telepathy that allows her to control minds and read thoughts. They will like downplay that aspect and just make her very good at disguises…"

Thanks, Dan!

For Marvel's head of television and series executive producer Jeph Loeb, the addition of Eve is a welcome one:

"We are very excited to have an actress of Alice's stature join the cast of 'Marvel's Iron Fist. Her exceptional talent brings an intrigue and danger to her character unlike anyone else."

After being presumed dead for 15 years, Danny Rand returns to New York City to reclaim his family company from Harold Meachum and his children Ward Meachum and Joy Meachum. When a threat emerges, Rand must choose between his family's legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.

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