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William Shatner to Star Trek Fans: Let Star Wars Fans Have Their Day
Near the top of that list should also be Star Wars/Star Trek, two long-running & beloved franchises with massive global fanbases that like to debate which franchise is more deserving of the title of "Top Sci-Fi Series." Of course, there's no such title and absolutely no way of declaring a winner – but it's the[...]
Obi-Wan Kenobi's First Love, Gehren Rand, Revealed Today (Spoilers)
It's Star Wars Day! And while fans are waiting for more news of the Kenobi TV series to be announced for Star Wars Day, Marvel Comics has decided to get in their first with their new Obi-Wan Kenobi comic book series which goes back to his earliest days as a Jedi Youngling at the Temple[...]
Star Wars: Samuel L. Jackson Cross-References Pulp Fiction on May 4th
If there was anyone who took a unique approach to celebrate Star Wars Day, it would be Samuel L Jackson, who played Jedi Master Mace Windu in the franchise On two separate Instagram posts, the actor marked the day with two signature shirts The first was his purple lightsaber, which was established in canon his[...]
Ubisoft Added Light Sabers to For Honor for Star Wars Day
The surprise kind of came out of the blue for Star Wars Day, and it's making fans of the game demand that they be kept longer both on social media and through Reddit And by the way, it isn't just regular swords, ALL the weapons have been given the option to glow from one of[...]
May the 4th Be with You – Television's Lovingly Obscure Star Wars References
Credit: AMC In honor of 2018's edition of Star Wars Day (and just so I don't forget, May the 4th be with you!), Bleeding Cool wants to remind you that television's had a love affair with legendary sci-fi franchise for years — but we don't play around with the "standards" or clichés around here, people! Sure, we[...]
The Ten Best John Williams Songs To Listen To On Star Wars Day
Since today is Star Wars Day (May the Forth be With You!) and if you are like me and have to work today, I figured I would put some of my favorites in one place so you can listen wherever you may be and however you may be spending your Star Wars Day Now, these[...]
Disney Stores Take Over Star Wars Day As We Feared
And then the news came out that the EU that so many of us hold near and dear may or may not be canon anymore, and that Marvel was taking over the publishing of Star Wars comics from Dark Horse. And now they are going to start hitting us Star Wars fans where it really hurts:[...]