Looking To Spoil Yourself For Star Wars Day? Go The Ultrasabers Route

The Guardian Ultrasaber 1

I have always wanted to cosplay as a Jedi, it is on my bucket list of Star Wars/convention things to do. My own personal hang-ups aside, one of the problems I always faced when thinking of putting something together was finding a non-cheap looking lightsaber to complete the look. What's a master Jedi without his weapon of choice? So, after careful research, I stumbled upon Ultrasabers and their wonderful designs. After hearing their name spoken by friends and cosplayers alike at cons, I decided to take the plunge and get one of my own.


I chose The Guardian for my design, as it appeals to the Obi-Wan inside of me, and then the plethora of options they offer to actually build the saber was staggering and caught me off guard. Color of the blade was the easiest choice, I pretend to be a sith but am a Jedi if I am honest, so I went with blue. But choosing everything from what quality sound to the type of switch to turn it on and if I wanted it backlit, it took me a long time to decide on everything. I did know I wanted to go with the Obsidian Sound though, for more dynamic noise and soundboard options, or as they put it on their site "Infinite Awesomeness". I also selected a nice nickel-plating finish to the hilt to give it extra pizazz. Blade length, blade tips, and strength of blade were important as well; these things are built to last and they offer the options to make last as long as you want it to.

After ordering, the saber came within 3 days and was expertly packed. I chose to include a belt clip, hilt stand, and all the extra accessories offered. Let me tell you: nothing had me prepared for when I got this thing into my hands. You feel the weight of the hilt as soon as you take it out, but it moves effortlessly in your hands. Here, let me show you:

For the record: the first time i swung it around I immediately dropped it, but that is because I am clumsy. I can't stress enough how impressive their work is, to get the order and turn it around in less than a week with this level of detail and craftsmanship is astounding to me. If you can: go with the nickel-finish, it really makes the hilt pop big time. I dropped the thing as hard as you can and not a scratch was on it. These things are durable. And the sound it makes is SUPER loud, crisp, and dynamic. It is very easy to cycle through the sound fx with just a tap of the switch.

I will say, and its not really that big an issue because it is the way it should be, but the blade is VERY hard to remove. On mine, the bolts were quite in there, it took some elbow grease to get them off. Be very careful so you do not damage the blade itself, it will bend. So, when taking off or putting on the bolts, do not over-tighten. But, once you do get the blade out, the hilt shines even more. I love the way it looks on my belt clip, and it is not restrictive at all hanging from my side. it displays incredibly well on the stands included too, not movement when I was trying to jar it off by bumping into the table it was on. The batteries are easy to remove and recharge or replace by removing the bottom, which is way easier than the blade.


For the price, I am ecstatic with this product. If you are getting one, go all in, get the finish, get the Obsidian sound, get all the bells and whistles. This is a big purchase, the saber I designed was about $400, so treat it as such. I mean, it is not everyday you get to design your very own lightsaber, so why not go to town?

And if you are going to do it today, they are having a May the 4th special, 15% off ALL Sabers using the promo code 15ALLSABERS.

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