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When George Michael Was A Superhero – As Drawn By Stephen Platt
So yeah, kinda everything in there felt just for me. With artwork by Moon Knight, Prophet and Soul Saga artist, Stephen Platt, who produced and designed costumes for the video. The song was about the weird sex dystopia we all live in Sex is commodity Sex sells And frankly, comic books and superheroes is perhaps the most obvious place[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Rob Liefeld Vs Stephen Platt
Stephen Platt was a comic artist who rose to prominence in the nineties, first drawing Moon Knight for Marvel and then Prophet for Rob Liefeld at Image/Extreme Studios and then his own book, Soul Saga He was… rather popular, though not exactly prodigious in his output He went to work in movies, and recently returned[...]
The Return Of Stephen Platt
Who remembers Stephen Platt? Hyper textualised, hyper exaggerated, he was the ultime in the worst of what would later be called Image Comics style… and also the best Every character, every page, every panel exploded in a mass of detail Anatomy was for losers, especially when it could be covered in wood splinters, bullets or[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Splatt
And as we know, this kind of thing takes time… Mike Costa Transforms Into Blatantly Honest Writer "Freelancers, really, take this to heart: if you're writing characters you don't own and want to keep writing them, mind what you say online." Whatever Happened To Stephen Platt? Right Here…  Once upon a time, Stephen Platt was the hottest artist in[...]