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Jon Benjamin as the world's greatest spy, Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler as the spy with marital troubles, Lana Kane; Judy Greer as the crazy office assistant in search of a special skill, Cheryl/Carol Tunt; Chris Parnell as the reliable company-man, Cyril Figgis; Amber Nash as the enthusiastic offender, Pam Poovey; Adam Reed as the opportunist,[...]
Archer | Season 1-10 Recap | FXX
But as we mentioned above, after three seasons out of action Sterling Archer is returning to a world – and agency – that's passed him by For Thompson and Willis, it gives them the opportunity to present an Archer that viewers haven't seen before It's one thing when the screw-ups and bumbling are backed-up with[...]
Archer | Season 11: Pre Coma Teaser | FXX
On the plus side, Sterling Archer (H Jon Benjamin) is no longer in a coma when FXX/FX on Hulu's Archer returns on September 16- which means fans can officially stop complaining about the "theme seasons" and embrace the show's return to its "real world" goodness On the not-so-good side, the Archer we knew isn't quite the[...]
Archer | Season 11: Range Teaser | FXX
FXX/FX on Hulu's Archer says goodbye to the "coma seasons" and hello to Sterling Archer's (H Jon Benjamin) real world when the eleventh season of the long-running animated series premieres on September 16th Except our Archer won't be the same Archer we know, love, and should probably schedule an intervention for All of those years spent[...]
Archer | Season 11: Classic Figgis Teaser | FXX
Sterling Archer (H Jon Benjamin) returns to the real world (enough with the coma dreams) with the eleventh season of FXX/FX on Hulu's long-running animated series Archer on September 16, but he won't be the same Archer we know, love, and shake our heads in disbelief at All of those years spent in a coma[...]
Archer | Season 11: Good Ol’ Days Teaser | FXX
Sterling Archer (H Jon Benjamin) is out of his coma and back on the scene when the eleventh season of FXX/FX on Hulu's long-running animated series Archer premieres on September 16, but there's a problem When you end up pulling a "Rip van Winkle," life tends to move on without out you (and your muscles go[...]
archer: danger island
Credit: FXX Sterling Archer (H Jon Benjamin) is trading the gumshoe life of 1947 Los Angeles-esque Dreamland for an island adventure filled with spies, double-deals…and Krieger as a parrot? Looks like that's just the tip of the volcano, as FXX announced on Wednesday that the ninth season of the hit Adam Reed/Matt Thompson animated series Archer:[...]
Rock Band 4's Latest Wacky Crossovers? Mass Effect: Andromeda And Archer
Yes, the teaser features Sterling Archer singing Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone." Like you needed to ask Archer will be a playable character next week alongside the Andromeda Rock Shop items. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rock Band Rivals – Kenny Loggins DLC Trailer | PS4 ( [...]
Conan And Archer Against The Russian Mob
Late Night talk show host Conan O'Brien teams up with animated super-spy Sterling Archer as they take on the Russian Mob from last nights Conan This of course isn't the first time Conan has been animated, normally though its into his alter ego The Flaming C. Late Night talk show host Conan O'Brien teams up[...]