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Games Workshop's "Bastian Carthalos" For Age Of Sigmar: A Review
The Stormcast Eternals, beings forged by Sigmar to lead the forces of the Grand Allegiance of Order, are a proud race of people in the world of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, the reimagined version of the Fantasy iteration of Warhammer by Games Workshop.  For all those who deny it, the fact that they're forged by Sigmar[...]
Review: Games Workshop's "Extremis" Age Of Sigmar Starter Set
It's not that more Orruks or Stormcast Eternals is a bad thing, per se, but in the first leg of a new edition, it feels better to see more diverse representation in the factions when starting out (plus we are still waiting on updated Nurgle models, truth be told!). A selection of some of the model sprues[...]