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One12 Collective 1st Apperance Doctor Strange NYCC Exclusive 8

Doctor Strange Gets a NYCC Exclusive One:12 Collective Figure

This is based on his appearances from Strange Tales #110-128.This is going to sell out for sure, so if you are attending the show, make it a priority Check out full details and pics below, and get on the waitlist here.The One:12 Collective Dr Strange - First Appearance Edition captures the Master of the Mystic[...]

Art Of Monsters – David Hartman's Work In Time-Lapse

Quite a few years ago now, I had the pleasure of working on a four-issue mini-series from Image called Steve Niles' Strange Cases. It was based on a video game concept Steve Niles had come up with and the studio involved wanted some comics to go with it. I got asked to write the stories […]

Agents Of SHIELD Acknowledge Comic Origins In Latest Promo Poster

To go with the mid-60's fan of superspys like James Bond and The Man from UNCLE, Marvel comics started off a new run in their on-going Strange Tales comic series featuring Nick Fury No longer the head of the Howling Commandos, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby put Fury as the head of a secret spy[...]

Marvel Celebrates S.H.I.E.L.D.'s 50th Anniverary

In the following video Lorraine Cink takes us through the half-century of Marvel's super-secret spy agency from their first appearance in Strange Tales #135 on through the latest incarnation in both print and on the big and little screens.[youtube][/youtube] Turns out S.H.I.E.L.D is celebrating its 50th anniversary and Marvel's Watcher has got the history all[...]

Comics Market Expects Chiwetel Ejifor To Be Brother Voodoo In Doctor Strange

But in such cases, it's always interesting to follow the comic book speculators and see what they think.Because, as the news hit, one book jumped up in sales on eBay.Strange Tales #169 Featuring the first appearance of mystic character Brother Voodoo, rival or colleague to Strange and, in the comics, his successor as Sorceror Supreme[...]

Desperately Seeking Strange Tales Original Art

Artist's Edition.Specifically Strange Tales #154, page 2, Strange Tales #159, pages 1 and 6, and Strange Tales #160, pages 3-6, 8-12 He has full size copies from Marvel's archives, but he'd love to get them as close to the original as possible.He's also looking for later pages for a second volume, as well as any[...]

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Marvel, DC Comics, Charlton, Tower, Warren Magazine Artist Dan Adkins 1937-2013

 Adkins worked for several publishers from the late 1960s through the mid-1980s, perhaps best remembered for his noteworthy run on Strange Tales and Doctor Strange  He contributed pencils or pencils and inks to several other Marvel titles, during this period, including the Avengers, Tales to Astonish, and X-Men, and for other publishers such as Warren[...]

Is This The Greatest Galactus Comic Story Of All Time?

With the power of Nicholas Gurewitch's best Perry Bible Fellowships, here we have Magneto, Galactus' Herald from Strange Tales II, out last week Still most likely to be on the stands Worth having in print, no?It's two pages long It's very simple But it had me With the power of Nicholas Gurewitch's best Perry[...]