Art Of Monsters – David Hartman's Work In Time-Lapse

hartmanQuite a few years ago now, I had the pleasure of working on a four-issue mini-series from Image called Steve Niles' Strange Cases. It was based on a video game concept Steve Niles had come up with and the studio involved wanted some comics to go with it. I got asked to write the stories while an artist named David Hartman got brought in to draw / color. David, not the guy form Good Morning America, was the guy who did the animated videos for Rob Zombie. Each issue was self-contained and only 16 pages long. We were going for the same format Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith used for Fell. I knew the first story was to bring the characters together, but after that it was to focus on each hunter. So I would call David, ask him what type of monster he felt like drawing and then I'd go write an appropriate story. His answers were: Werewolves, Yeti and something Lovecraftian. It was one of the most fun series I've done and one that I am constantly asked about at conventions.

I bring this up because David  has been releasing some time-lapse drawings since the new year. Here are two of them. David is insanely talented and should be doing a lot more work in the industry. (Hint to publishers out there.)

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