Tapas Media launches Original Content Division Studio Tapas

Tapas Media, the leading US-based digital comics publisher with more than six billion views, has launched Studio Tapas, a new division dedicated to producing and publishing original webcomics and novels. Studio Tapas has access to a catalog of more than 70 Originals owned by Tapas Media. Studio Tapas has an additional 30 originals in production for launch in 2021.

Studio Tapas: Tapas Media launches Original Content Division
"Magical Boy" from Studio Tapas and Tapas Media

Studio Tapas' first multimedia project is the hit original series Magical Boy, which features a trans teen hero who discovers he comes from a long line of magical girls. The series currently has 3.4M views and 117k weekly subscribers. The series will be produced in exclusive partnership with Madison Wells for television and cross-platform. This is the second series confirmed to get the broadcast treatment with Madison Wells as previously announced Tapas webcomic Yes, My Boss! is also slated for television. Magical Boy just returned to the online platform from hiatus earlier this month. Studio Tapas has named Film/TV industry veteran Corey Sienega (Miss Potter, Secondhand Lions, Frailty, Kristy) as Head of Business Development where she will oversee film, television, and cross-platform partnerships.

Studio Tapas: Tapas Media launches Original Content Division
Corey Sienega

"I'm thrilled to have joined Tapas at this inflection point in its growth. With our active reader community spending 115 million minutes a month on Tapas, we offer data-informed stories that you truly can't find anywhere else," said Sienega. "At a time when the entertainment community is readily embracing diverse voices, I'm proud to share Tapas' goal to create valuable partnerships with Hollywood creatives to promote and amplify these unique stories."

"I am pleased to be partnering with Studio Tapas and Corey Sienega to bring Magical Boy to audiences everywhere," said Madison Wells Founder/Executive Producer Gigi Pritzker.  "This is a story of good vs evil, the importance of legacy, and what it means to come out as a trans teen today – exactly the kind of project we make at Madison Wells." Rachel Shane and Amanda Morgan Palmer also serve as Executive Producers.

Studio Tapas: Tapas Media launches Original Content Division
Gabrielle Luu

The new division will be helmed by Head of Studio, Gabrielle Luu, who will direct development and strategy of Original Series projects. She will focus on forging new opportunities for top emerging talent through producing stories that not only perform well on Tapas but also for Tapas' global network of webcomic and ancillary partners to create Super IPs that can cross-platform and geographic borders. Previously Tapas Media's Content Manager and Acquisitions Executive, Luu played a major role in building out Tapas' portfolio of hits in several genres such as The Beginning After the EndThe Dragon Prince's BrideBorn Sexy Tomorrow, and His Barcode Tattoo.

"I am thrilled for the opportunity to grow with Tapas and our creators," said Luu. "Studio Tapas continues our mission to find great storytellers and give them the opportunity to develop content that is both personal and relatable to our North American base, and our increasingly global Tapas community."

Studio Tapas: Tapas Media launches Original Content Division
Studio Tapas logo

Other projects Studio Tapas is currently developing include a webcomic adaptation of CJ Entertainment's blockbuster film A Werewolf Boy, office romantic comedy Yes, My Boss!, which Frolic Media and Madison Wells are producing a scripted podcast and developing for TV,  and  MNEMOSYNE, an AI thriller that Tapas has partnered with Zoic Studios for TV and cross-platform adaptation.

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