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Cancelling Superior Spider-Man Team Up

Cancelling Superior Spider-Man Team Up

Well, with Superior Spider-Man no more, so it seems Superior Spider-Man Team Up is no more (though Superior Foes Of Spider-Man still appears to be continuing).In May, there's no listing The final issue, Superior Spider-Man Team Up appears to be out in April with the following solicitation, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #12 Kevin Shinick (W) • Marco Checchetto[...]

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is this Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man Team Up? Or is it Mr Fantastic? Maybe having Doc Ock in there is giving him tentacles.. still it is a cool-ass entrance.Sorry Transformers, Superior Spider-Man beat you to it He is, after all, Superior.In Think Tank, for every hallucination, there is an equal and opposite hallucination[...]

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But wouldn't it have been better if it had tied in with Kirkman's Battle Pope?The final issue of Demon Knights shows us that, unlike Spider-Man, you don't always have to have witty reparte during fight scenes.Spider-Man throws Scarlet Spider through a window in Superior Spider-Man Team Up, proving what a villain he is[...]

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From Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1.And.. there we go Idie as the Black Queen Racial and sexual politics aside, I can hear a few fanboys going very very quiet right now and giving thanks to Chris Claremont and John Byrne past But.. yes, she is still fourteen, isn't she? Kids these days, I don't know...So..[...]