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The Sister: Luther Creator Neil Cross’ Weak Kinda-Sorta Ghost Story
The Sister is a suspense thriller by Neil Cross, the creator of Luther, that was on ITV in the UK in the middle of last year and just premiered on Hulu in the US It's about a man whose bad decision years ago comes back to haunt him, seems to want to say something about[...]
'I Am the Night': Jefferson Mays on Getting Inside George Hodel's Mind [SPOILER INTERVIEW]
That made it somehow bearable for me and at the same made a great deal of sense – if you're perceiving the world as a dream that you're moving through, you relinquish all culpability. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: I Am The Night 1×06 Promo "Queen's Gambit, Accepted" (HD) Series Finale ( Catch the[...]
TNT's 'I Am The Night': A Disturbing Slow Burn Neo-Noir That Stays With You [REVIEW]
Viewers will be swept up in the intrigue as they follow Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) on this gripping, shocking, and truly unsettling journey of painful self-discovery. Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine, and Sam Sheridan have crafted a complex and stylized think-piece, full of symbolism, subtext, and suspense Although Fauna is the primary subject of this series, George[...]
Lore Season 2: Amazon Renews Real Life Horror Podcast Adaptation
Both The Atlantic and Entertainment Weekly listed the show as a top podcast in 2016. "Customers loved the first season of 'Lore' for its unique blend of narrative and documentary storytelling, and we're excited to give them another season of this suspenseful hybrid series Sean brings great experience in the supernatural genre, and we're excited for[...]
Shudder Sets Jordskott Season 2, Black Lake Premiere Dates
The AMC Networks premium video streaming service specializing in thrillers, suspense, and horror has announced a premiere date for their international horror-thriller series Black Lake; and the second season premiere date for detective mystery-thriller series Jordskott. Along with the premiere dates, Variety also has exclusive overview on both series directly from Shudder: can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
Husk Is Simply A Cloudy World Of Worry
PUBLISHER: IMGN.PRO/UndeadScout REVIEWED ON: Steam RELEASED: 2/3/17 The last time I had a chance to play an FPP game from IMGN.PRO was when they released