Nerf This Design! We Review Jinx's Overwatch Premium Tees

The last set of items we so humbly received from Jinx a few weeks ago are a set of Overwatch Premium Tees featuring some of the game's characters. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good t-shirt, but these aren't exactly the standard designs you'd see from either Jinx or Blizzard, as each one […]

What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – August 2018

It may have come a little late, but when we finally received out August box from Loot Tees, we were ecstatic to find what was inside. This is, at least for the longtime geek in us, one of the best "you have to know what's up" designs we've seen in a while. The shirt has […]

Clothing Review: Jinx Summer Gaming T-Shirts

The next set of items we received from Jinx for the summer was a set of awesome t-shirts with a whole new set of designs and prints. We'll start with the Nocturnal Raid Brigade shirt which came in a sleek black. This is one of three double designs with a small logo across the heart with […]

What's In The Box?!: Loot Tees – March 2018

Another one of the awesome Loot Crate packages we started getting this month is an item from the Loot Wear series in the form of Loot Tees. If you're not totally familiar with the system, it's basically a t-shirt subscription service where you get a new geeky t-shirt every month, much like you would their […]

More Minecraft Craftables From JiNX & Extra Goodies To Review

JiNX has had a pretty good run with Minecraft products as of late, ranging from hats and gloves to plushies and t-shirts, all aimed at making even the most jaded fan happy and able to show off their love for the game. The company just released some brand new items and we got a few […]

Kids T-Shirt Spoils The Final Page Of Batman: The Killing Joke

You can't avoid spoilers these days. Usually Bleeding Cool is good enough to use big spoiler warnings. Usually. Earlier today we ran news of the Brian Bolland 'Gaze Into The Fist Of Dredd' print from Gosh Comics. Well, his work is appearing elsewhere too. Such as this charming boy's T-shirt featuring the final page of […]

Yes, Tennessee, You Can Buy A Captain Abearica T-Shirt

This is a T-Shirt that Bleeding Cool EIC Hannah Means-Shannon bought while taking a recent trip to the mountain forests of North Carolina and Tennessee. And for some reason, was proud enough of her purchase to show off to me, picked up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. […]

A Second Marvel Secret Wars T-Shirt Drops FF And X-Men

Following up on last week's original series Secret Wars cover T-shirt that had been hacked about by Marvel Licensing to remove depiction of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, comes another T-shirt. And it's even more egregious. Compared to the original cover.   Note the removal of Human Torch, but keeping his flame? Also removed are the […]

A Better Look At *That* Secret Wars T-Shirt

On Wednesday, Bleeding Cool highlighted a T-Shirt seen onsale at Wal-Mart which seemed to encapsulate fears about Marvel's attitude towards their characters whose movie and TV rights are not fully controlled by Marvel. The famous Secret Wars #1 cover by Mike Zeck, with the Fantastic Four, X-Men and other characters removed and replaced with more […]

Replacing The FF And X-Men On Secret Wars Image With Marvel Studio Characters

This is the cover to Secret Wars #1. The first time around, back in the eighties. By Mike Zeck, it's all very familiar, it's a classic. Note the appearances of Fantastic Four's Human Torch and The Thing, as well as X-Men's Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Storm. Well here is the Secret Wars cover, […]

Swipe File: The Wicked + The Divine + Doctor Who

From yesterday's The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, the immortal god who's always got a party in his head. With a hilarious You Only Live Forever T-shirt, Will it be part of a The Wicked + The Divine spinoff line? Well, it may have some competition… Of course that's not entirely […]

Orphan Black and Agents Of SHIELD For March's Loot Crate (UPDATE)

It's all going a bit Bond. Loot Crate's March subscription box has a certain secret agent feel. March's Loot Crate™ is a jam-packed collection of items inspired by COVERT operations! We have compiled a crate inspired by secret agents, femme fatales, power-hungry madmen, and their really cool gadgets! Among the assets included is an EXCLUSIVE licensed prop replica from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., […]

And Finally… The Threadless Peanuts T-Shirt That Will Never Be

T-shirt design company Threadless, have launched a competition to design a Peanuts-based T-shirt in association with Peanuts Worldwide, and launching five new Peanuts shirts to be going on with. Sadly I don't think this design by Dennis Davies will be considered for too long…

And Finally… The Ultimate In #GamerGate Merchandise

I met up with Abigail Brady in the pub last night. Writer, software designer, she is one of the inspirations behind the character Abigail Beryl Burns, or Red Peril appearing in recent issues of Iron Man. I have to say, I was rather taken by her T-shirt. You can get your own here. It can be […]

Something Tells Me This Brazilian Batman T-Shirt May Be A Fake…

A friend of a Bleeding Cool reader popped into popular clothing store C&A in Brazil. And discovered a line that may not be quite legit enough. On the back all looks good…. As does the front… but wait a bit – who made this shirt? Also, that logo was from the nineties! Hello, RIch, how […]

Swipe File: RiptApparel T-Shirt Design Vs. Mark Brooks' Voltron

  T-shirt design 'Assembled' for RiptApparel by Rabzilla. Artwork by Mark Brooks from 2002.   One on top of the other courtesy of Peter A DeLuca. Ensuing fuss! In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the […]