That 'Fangirls' T-Shirt Of Wondercon

This was a T-shirt design created last year on DeviantArt.


In the safe, warm, misogynist community of the comment forum, there were welcoming quotes such as "Friend wore it to the cafeteria, where several Hambeasts occupy. Much laughs were had, especially when the desperate virgin white knights tried to defend them" or "Worst fangirl types I have met are Invader Zim fangirls, Legend of Korra fangirls, and Supernatural fangirls. I can't remember much else. My brain just shuts down when they start going off about whatever fandom they have attached themselves to" or "I like my coffee like I like my women…. Ground up and in the freezer".

But then one was on sale at WonderCon….


And exposed to people who are blatantly intolerant of such hateful pig-ignorance. And who have an internet.

Alternatives were even devised…


Look folks, some people have the religious belief that women can't like things in the way men can. Or that a woman's reaction to something she enjoys is equally as valid as a man's reaction. And apparently we should respect that, or something. As to the original designer, he had clearly got better things to do at Wondercon.

I went with friends and did fun stuff. Bought comics, had pics taken of my cosplay, got onto the internet, went to a strip club.

For a religious act of worship, no doubt.

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