There's Native Gold In Those WonderCon 2017 Hills

Mathew Quitney writes for Bleeding Cool.


"I've had Native Gold since 2012. We didn't actually start making pins till 2016. At first, it was t-shirt focused, all clothing based around 90s retro and pop-culture stuff. I slowly gravitated towards all pop-culture influenced stuff."

"From the clothing company, I wanted to go more in the direction of everything. Clothing has a limited life cycle, so I felt like I wanted to do something more than that. That's why I started getting into pins. I just released our first print about a couple months ago, it's a Princess Mononoke design. I also have an Over The Garden Wall coming out next month."

NativeGold recently had a successful pop-up shop at Claremont's A Shop Called Quest. The collection was focused around Studio Ghibli. While many of the pieces sold out, some can still be found on the website.

"Studio Ghibli was my second one (pop-up shop). I had joint show in 2014 with a friend of mine. This was my first solo pop-up. The first one kind of was very limited in scope. This one felt more complete."

"I have another one (pop-up shop) coming up in May that I'm going to announce this week."

The glimpses that he's shown from the collection so far include a bloodied & bearded Samurai Jack pin, and an Over the Garden Wall cap.

This pop-up will also be hosted at A Shop Called Quest in Claremont, CA.

"Hopefully I should have another one at the A Shop Called Quest in Los Angeles, so that should be in June. This one may not be the same collection as the Claremont pop-up. LA's we're still talking about. I'd be super up for doing Nickelodeon or maybe Marvel. I do have a couple released for Marvel coming up."

//Link pin available for pre-order
//Link pin available for pre-order

It's still up in the air whether or not Native Gold will have a booth at San Diego Comic-Con, but they definitely will have a presence.

"Waiting to hear back but either way, I'll be there."

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