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Showing Fandom Love Through T-Shirts, Tattoos, and Family Cosplay at SDCC [Photos]
Many use T-shirts with nerdy messages Others have their love showing on their skin as they walk around Some even share their fandom with their kids through cosplay San Diego Comic-Con is a nerd mecca bringing together people from many different walks of life to celebrate pop culture Here is a selection of pictures showing[...]
Dark Nights: Metal Tour T-Shirts From San Diego Comic-Con Coming To Comic Stores
They have sold for up to $40 on eBay as a result. Well, that price is about to halve as DC Comics and Graphitti Designs are making Dark Nights: Metal Tour T-shirts available to the general public through comic book stores, where you will be only charged $20. The shirts feature the Dark Nights: Metal promotional Batman[...]
Devil's Due Becomes Threadless' First Comics Publisher Under Artists Shop Program
"Incentive" T-shirts I call them Anyway. Well, Devil's Due Entertainment has become Threadless' first official comic book publisher under their new Artist Shops program. These will include shirst from the creator-owned comic books Squarriors, Scorch, Mercy Sparx, Plume, Tales of Mr Rhee, Solitary, and Operation Nemesis. More products are to follow, including iPhone cases, prints and oversize canvas prints[...]
What To Wear For DC's Convergence
So why not get the T-shirts to match, courtesy of ThinkGeek? What a lovely story: Booster Gold traveled back in time His main goal was to exploit his knowledge of the future to make a lot of cash And instead, he found a best friend in Blue Beetle Awww This is a shirt version of Booster Gold's[...]
A Modest Proposal For An Alternative To Those Sexist DC Comics T-Shirts
All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain t-shirts are offensive We agree Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories Accordingly, we are taking a look at our licensing and product design process to ensure that all[...]
A Glowing Transform-Her
After launching a Marvel line ahead of San Diego Comic Con, the she-geek specialists Her Universe have just unveiled a line of Transformers-based
Grant Gould Art Stolen For T-Shirt, Company Uses "Didn't Know It Was Yours" Defense
Artist Grant Gould has shared a little story about a company taking his art without permission and selling t-shirts with it It all started like this: Ugh Art stealers. http://etchgear.com/products/bsg-galactica-top-gun I just emailed these guys and asked them to stop They're selling t-shirts with my 2007 BSG 'Top Gun Skull' artwork[...]
The Neil Gaiman Threadless T-Shirts Now On Sale
They premiered at San Diego Comic Con at the CBLDF booth, and now they are all on sale. The Day The Flying Saucers came by Neil Gaiman, adapted for four sequential T-shirts by Estudio Verso , Ben Templesmith, Brandon Graham and John Cassaday, the first of which will give 35% to the CBLDF… here's a look[...]
Comic Book Masterclasses This Weekend In London At Uniqlo
On Saturday he'll be at the Uniqlo branch on Oxford Street in London, and on Sunday the Uniqlo at Westfield Stratford City, from 2pm teaching comic book masterclasses. If you want in, e-mail now for a free place, with Marvel MasterclassRSVP in the subject line, stating which day you want a ticket for… And why Uniqlo? Because[...]
San Diego Comic Con Exclusive T-Shirts – And Where They Came From
Two new San Diego Comic Con Exclusive T-shirts from Diamond Comic Distributors… first a Godzilla T-shirt based on the IDW San Diego exclusive comic cover… And a Mini-Mates T-shirt based on… a Bruce Springsteen album cover. What an interesting choice… Two new San Diego Comic Con Exclusive T-shirts from Diamond Comic Distributors… first a Godzilla T-shirt[...]