A Modest Proposal For An Alternative To Those Sexist DC Comics T-Shirts

A shirt can say an awful lot about you. As identifying markers, there's little to beat them. They are the equivalent of your own personal thought bubbles placed across your chest.

Which is why they can also be such hot topic trigger items. From Ped State shirts to Urban Outfitters' bloody Kent State shirts, to rather terrible Keep Calm shirts, it's all you need to kick things off.

Comics has had its fair share too. Such as this shirt…


…which has led to this Kate Lash response shirt.


Well, of late, these two shirts offered on Amazon have got folks' attention.

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Both beset with all sorts of issues (women can only be a partner, never the main deal, and have to strive to even achieve that) and even the removal of Wonder Woman's lasso, originally wrapped around Superman, from the second image  that have it a very different context – let alone the added text…


So much so that DC Comics issued a statement agreeing with those who are annoyed by the shirts, saying

DC Comics is home to many of the greatest male and female Super Heroes in the world. All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain t-shirts are offensive. We agree. Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories. Accordingly, we are taking a look at our licensing and product design process to ensure that all our consumer products reflect our core values and philosophy.

But not so fast! Why not instead consider an attitude of equal offensiveness? So maybe, just maybe, someone might like to make a T-shirt of the below, in Men's sizes. If only for a small attempt to try and revert the balance a little.


Mmm…maybe not. Some guys might just like that too much.

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