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Pinball, as a Card Game! Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade
WizKids has figured out a solution to that problem with their Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade print and play tabletop game. Acclaimed designer Geoff Engelstein designed this game with players who don't have easy access to pinball in mind Designed for 1-4 players, this game will take around 30 minutes to complete This game is fully interactive and[...]
Paul Martinez Explains Starting Your Own Webcomic
From comic books, t-shirts, and art prints, to my current campaign to get my new tabletop game printed, here are some of the things I've learned that went into starting my own webcomic and then eventually producing comics full time. Preparation-it might take years! I have known since I was 7 that I wanted to work in[...]