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DC Comics Publishes Complete Talon By James Tynion IV
Such as the Batman spinoff Talon he wrote for eighteen months as part of The New 52, drawn by Miguel Sepulveda But only James' name makes it into the title of the book… here's the Amazon listing. Talon by James Tynion IV Paperback – April 26, 2022 by James Tynion IV (Author), Miguel Sepulveda (Illustrator) Read some of the earliest Gotham City stories[...]
Nightwing - No Longer Ric Grayson
Cobb offers Ric a chance to save his city by at last fulfilling his legacy as the Gray Son and becoming the new Talon and leading the Court of Owls into a new age In Shops: Nov 20, 2019 SRP: $3.99 For these and more comics semi-spoilers, why not visit a new Reddit group, r/ComicBookSpoilers… In[...]
Infinity Countdown #4 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
Richard Rider is eager to look for his brother, who is in the hands of the Talon Brotherhood Star-Lord receives some unexpected visitors. Infinity Countdown #4 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell Infinity Countdown #4 is a low for this already underwhelming miniseries While Sax the Destroyer was nauseating in how cute it wanted to be,[...]
Tales From The Four Color Closet – Talking With James Tynion IV
By Joe Glass James Tynion IV has had a great time of it for his comics career. Between starting his career straight on Batman, co-writing back-up features with superstar writer Scott Snyder, he then moved onto a series of New 52 titles including Talon, Red Hood and the Outlaws and now is one of the writing team[...]
James Tynion Off Red Hood, On Nightwing, Talon To Be Cancelled? (UPDATE)
Back to the original article… Tynion left Talon from January's issue, with Marguerite Bennett replacing him But those pesky Amazon listing may indicate that comic is for the chop too. The Amazon listing has Talon #8-17 and Birds of Prey #21, that's eleven issues all in, for the standard $20 cover price For two dollars less, the[...]
A Comic Show – The Joy Of The Great Pacific
Talon #3 continues the slow build towards destroying the Court of Owls. Thanks for watching, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and check out our Facebook page: http://acomicshop.com/a.comic.shop [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmu3wU7Yfp0[/youtube] Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop writes; Hey Fandom! Happy New Year's, here's my favorite new comics now! Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake #1 was gender bending fun! The book is[...]
Pay For Guillem March To Draw Naked Women
Guillem March, artist on Catwoman and upcoming artist on Talon (and yes, cover artist on that Catwoman cover) has started a social funding effort for a new sketchbook project of his Featuring familiar territory. Let's let him explain Muses A Go Go in his own words. When I draw for pure fun, almost always I end drawing[...]
DC Comics Make Third Wave #0 Issues Returnable As Well As #1
DC Comics had already announced that the first issues of the DC Third Wave – Talon, The Phantom Stranger, Sword Of Sorcery and Team 7 in October would be made returnable to retailers, allowing retailers to order more for their stores withut risking being left with stock. But now DC are retroactively applying that to the[...]
More DC Issue Zero Third Wave News Spills Out For Talon And Team Seven #0
They haven't got round to mentioning that Scott Lobdell will be writing Superman yet. But USA Today has announced that Guillem March will be joining James Tynion as artist on Talon. As well as telling us that The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode's Justin Jordan will be writing the Team Seven series mentioned here, with Jesus Merino[...]