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Bring R2-D2 Anywhere You Go With New Star Wars Tamagotchi
These adventures get to continue as Bandai reveals their newest Tamagotchi creation with the beloved Astromech droid The R2-D2 Digital Pet is no under your watchful eye with the ability to feed, clean, and make this droid happy Two Tamagotchi devices have been announced with a white deco or a blue deco showing off the[...]
Evangelion x Tamagotchi Lets Fans to Raise Their Own Angel from Bandai
Evangelion and Tamagotchi are crossing paths to give fans the Evatich Device, which will allow fans to raise their own Angel The Evatch will be available in three different colors, capturing the three main characters' color schemes from the anime with Shinji, Asuka, and Rei Fans will be able to raise an angel from birth[...]
Power Up With "Pac-Man" Tamagotchi, Out This March
Credit: Bandai Namco If you collect Tamagotchi, you might want to keep your eye out for the next batch around the corner. Bandai debuted a new Pac-Man Tamagotchi series that'll have the inner retro gaming collector in you jumping for joy The Tamagotchi collection comes in two different shells: one back with a classic Pac-Man print, and[...]
Pokémon and Tamagotchi Team Up For a Special Eevee Version
You may recall a while ago we talked about how The Pokémon Company and Tamagotchi were planning to come together to make special versions of the pocket pet toy It seemed like something that should have happened ages ago and would have made a ton of sense for the two to work together[...]
Bandai Is Bringing Back The Tamagotchi For Its 20th Anniversary
Have you missed hatching, feeding, and cleaning up after your virtual pets? Well, too bad because Tamagotchi is back in honor of the toy's 20th anniversary. Bandai America has officially announced that a new set of Tamagotchi toys will be available in limited quantities on November 5th for just $14.99 While the new versions are about 60% the[...]