Evangelion x Tamagotchi Lets Fans to Raise Their Own Angel from Bandai

Bandai is collaborating with the hit anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion to bring something truly unique to fans. Evangelion and Tamagotchi are crossing paths to give fans the Evatich Device, which will allow fans to raise their own Angel. The Evatch will be available in three different colors, capturing the three main characters' color schemes from the anime with Shinji, Asuka, and Rei. Fans will be able to raise an angel from birth and watch it grow from a fetus to a cocoon and then become one of 12 different kinds of angels that have been seen in the anime series. Evangelion fans, do you want to make sure they keep their angel happy as it could rise and destroy the world if not taken care of correctly. The Tamagotchi is packed with a bunch of features that any fan of Evangelion will be happy with. From seeing human characters from the series to mini-games and training, fans of this hit anime series, I want to add this to their holiday wish list.

Each Evangelion Tamagotchi will be priced at $24.99. Become a NERV agent and stop the world from destroying the angels with this nifty little crossover device. Collaborations like this really make me want to go back and watch this iconic anime, and it will definitely be on my list this holiday season. Fans will be able to find pre-orders located here. They are only released with Japanese software, so there will be a learning curve but will be a must-have collectible.

Evangelion x Tamagotchi Lets Fans to Raise Their Own Angel from Bandai
Credit: Bandai America

"From Bandai America. Activate EVATCHI and raise an Angel in a EVA Test Type container. Special Governmental Agency NERV has developed the technology to apply retroversion on Angels, forcing them into their embryonic state to be raised in egg-shaped containers filled with L.C.L. The egg-shaped armored containers are built to restrain the Angel from its rampage and allow people to carry them outside of the organization's laboratory. As a member of NERV, you have been assigned to raise the Angels using the Evatchi, and based on how you handle various events, the Angel will grow into various forms. Attend to any instances of L.C.L. corruption and breakthrough all generated A.T. Fields. Japanese programming."

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