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"Gylt" Launch Trailer Readies Stadia Players For A Surreal, Eerie World

"Gylt" Launch Trailer Readies Stadia Players For A Surreal, Eerie World

Google Stadia's only launch exclusive, Gylt, just got a spooky new launch trailer, and it looks pretty captivating. From its gloomy aesthetic to its overall art style, it might be one to watch if you're getting one of the units. Tequila Works' surreal adventure follows a young girl named Sally as she "faces her worst […]

Tequila Works Teases Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son for PSVR

Tequila Works has released a teaser trailer for a brand new PSVR game on the way called Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son. The game, as you might suspect, is a video game sequel to the 1993 Bill Murray film Groundhog Day. You take up the role of Phil Connors Jr., who like his father before him, winds […]


RiME's Version 1.0.2 Update Brings Major Visual and Gameplay Improvements This Week

On Monday, the Switch version of RiME will be getting its latest update. Version 1.0.2 will bring a slew of changes and gameplay improvements to the Switch edition of the game. The most notable changes come in the form of visual improvements. RiME's texture quality will be improved in some areas as well as overall image resolution. Shadow quality […]


Tequila Works Announce 'Rime' Will Be Delayed On Switch

Those of you hoping to play Rime on the Nintendo Switch will have to wait just a little bit longer. Tequila Works made the announcement over the weekend that the game will be seeing a short delay, but promises the game is well worth the wait. Below is a small snippet from the announcement. In the […]

RiME Will Be Coming The The Switch In November

The visually stunning indie game RiME is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14 in North America and on November 17 in Europe. Tequila Works and Grey Box announced the Switch port today, which will bring the game to its fourth platform. The puzzle-adventure game will be available via Nintendo's eShop for $30 USD / €35 […]

What Rime's Launch Trailer Says About Us As Gamers

Grey Box and Tequila Works' Rime has launched, and with the release came a shiny new launch trailer. The game follows in the indie dev tradition of stripped-down, geometrically motivated, and highly stylized indie games. You may think that's an oddly specific kind of game category, but there are so many indie titles that fit with that aesthetic. And […]

RiME's Latest Dev Diary Is Here!

The third dev diary from Grey Box Games and Tequila Works about their upcoming title RiME is here. In this latest video, the development team discusses how level designers and animators take the ideas and concept art, and build them into a living, puzzling world like we see in RiME. It's a pretty fascinating work into the behind-the-scenes […]

Rime 2nd Dev Diary And Screenshots

The second video in Grey Box and Tequila Works' series of Dev Diaries for RiME has hit today, along with new screenshots. The new video focuses on how the game's art, color, sound, and music design "shape the player's emotional arc" and help create the rich fantasy world of RiME. If you missed it last month, catch the […]

Tequila Works Announces A VR Murder Mystery

Tequila Works, the folks behind Rime and The Sexy Brutale, have announced a VR Murder Mystery game called The Invisible Hours. The game brings seven players to an old mansion to play solve a mystery based around the events of Nikola Tesla's death. So it's basically Clue in VR. Each of the seven players has their own background and alibi, […]